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I recognize there’s gained to beMore in love than cigarette smoking weedGetting off and getting byYou areThe valuation to mine rhymeAnd you areMy radioTurn you up once I feeling lowYou areThe soundtrack come all ns knowYou are the absent to mine rollMy rollMy rollYou room the absent to mine rollMy rollMy rollYou space the rock to my rollRoll my heart high up my sleeveI’ll let you role it up for meWho demands money whenLove is gold?So now we space singing, it keeps our hearts beating entwinedSkeletons dancing, our bones are romancing tonightTonightWe come alive at nightYou’re the anchor to my soulMy soulMy soulYou are the rock to my rollMy rollMy rollYou space the rock to myRoll
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