You, Me and the Apocalypse Season 1 episode 9 Review: Calm before the Storm

For example, i would have loved to spend much more time with Celine this episode. She deserved to have much more than a couple of short scenes following the emotional devastation of losing Jude.

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Their romance has actually been such a huge component of the show, and also was honestly among the most amazing storylines the present had to offer. Jude"s fatality was obviously walking to it is in impactful, however Celine only had a couple of seconds the crying prior to she moved on come a new, Godly path.

I"m no saying ns wanted whole hour that Celine weeping end Jude. But it would have actually been nice come explore precisely what she to be feeling, due to the fact that her emotions had to it is in more facility than simply sadness.

Not only was she taking care of grief, she was likewise struggling through the fact that she had damaged her vows and also left the Church. 

I was additionally hoping that she would protest an ext at the cardinal"s report ~ above Jude, and would want to investigate more if she really believed that he didn"t go suicide. I expect she can do that in the following episode, however there fixed seems choose there will certainly be enough time for that.

My forecast is that her new mission indigenous God will be to expose the false messiah, which would be edifying Jude"s work-related as well. On that note, how good was it that God to be played by a woman?

We did obtain to check out a couple of emotional beats through Jamie, Frankie, and also Layla, however. They were absolutely adorable throughout the party at your house. Yet it was reasonably obvious that Jamie"s life couldn"t remain happy for as well long.

i don"t have any kind of moms. You got, like, 12 in the critical month! How"s the fair?


Having a twin on a television show pretty much guarantees a switcheroo subplot, and also indeed, here we have actually Ariel impersonating Jamie in the last hours of a doomed world. It was heartbreaking to view everyone buy into it, including Jamie"s very own mother.

I was hoping that Frankie would see appropriate through Ariel, offered how she"s been presented to have some prescient abilities, but perhaps she is simply biding she time.

As much as the McNeil subplot goes, it to be disappointing to check out Leanne return, as her character yes, really doesn"t add much the anything come the show, and I"d lot rather spend much more time on the characters we actually care about.

It wouldn"t be how amazing if Scotty dies, because his personality is in require of atonement for every his previous sins, however I don"t think that will certainly be the case. Gaines proclaiming that Scotty to be his husband was really sweet, though. However, that looks like Gaines" tendency for self-preservation will display itself, and he will readjust his mind around not saving themselves. 

Everybody has the appropriate to speak goodbye.


Given a much longer season, the writers would certainly probably have time to work out the kinks and learn to function both emotional drama and also action. However then again, it"s for the ideal that this series is just ten episodes, given that the story for these personalities are relatively exhausted in ~ this point.

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It is a travesty that we still haven"t learned the backstory about the monkey yet, however.

What did girlfriend think the this episode? Who carry out you think will number out Ariel"s impersonation? space you excited come see how it all ends? Share her thoughts with us in the comment below!

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