It just means they have priorities however you room not one of them. It’s an extremely straight forward. Finest then to not make lock a priority either and all will be fine. ~ Anne McDougle 

Nowadays, civilization who to speak they are really busy, ns let castle go. Ns am a busy human being myself however make extra initiative for human being I want in mine life. It’s all about priorities. If you room not a priority to them, don’t garbage time chasing them. ~ Sherina Zain 

There space some who flake the end on relationships and there are some that room struggling to keep their head above water. It’s finest to truly recognize a person’s situation before writing them off. Some space living a life that countless couldn’t handle. ~ Cynthia Sudden 

You space going to come across people in her life that will say all the best words at all the best times, however in the finish it’s always their plot you must judge lock by. ~ Arkadyuti Konar 

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