Yes come Cucumbers reassuring Eye gelatin gently calms, soothes and smoothes your radiant eyes. Normally reducing puffiness, brightening dark circles, tightening and also cooling her skin, it will leave girlfriend bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to take it on the world!

Size: 30ml - 1.01 fl. Oz.

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99.6% herbal | Dead Sea mineral | Petroleum, Paraben, & SLS Free




After I published my animal Cruelty post, (which deserve to be found here) I had to fully re think my skin routine. I don't really have a skin regimen or anything, yet there to be a few products that I frequently used, mainly Olay products. But, Olay does test on animals, so once I ran the end of your eye serum i went on the hunt for something new. I have been recognized to walk to Walgreens because that a non-beauty item, and also walk out v 2 or 3 points from the cosmetics isle. I just can't save myself!The "Yes To..." products are relatively new, the firm was started in 2006. I have actually been an ext into natural assets lately, and also this agency intrigued me. The firm has 4 different collections; Yes to Carrots, Yes to Cucumbers, to speak Yes come Tomatoes and also Yes to Blueberries. Each repertoire is specially recipe for different purposes. Their commodities are 99% natural and also cruelty-free!I picked up Yes come Cucumbers soothing Eye gelatin at Walgreens for $14.99. These commodities can be discovered in many drugstores and also Yes to Cucumbers cases this product to reduce eye puffiness and dark one underneath the eyes. Environment-friendly Tea has anti-inflamatory properties, in addition to Chamomile the tightens and also Cucumbers that sooth.I always try to review user reviews prior to I testimonial a product to see if some had actually a various experience with a product than what i experienced. Yes come Cucumbers recommends this product for for sensitive skin, but a couple of people pointed out it irritated their skin. The very first time I offered this product and also I wasn't sure how much product to use and also I used 1 complete pump on every eye. This was also much and I think that can be the factor some complained. My skin obtained a small pink however went away after a couple of minutes. I have actually been using this gelatin for 3 weeks and have no experienced any irritation since my first try. I uncovered that 1 pump of gel is sufficient for both eyes. Mine skin is a very an excellent example of combination skin types. It's choose Jekyll & Hyde; top top 1 day mine skin is oily and also the following day it is dry. My forehead will be oily and my eyes will be dry or evil versa. This cucumber gel offers moisture the doesn't make my skin feeling greasy, and also would be great for those through oily eyelids. This gelatin works an excellent for eye puffiness and also works even better when you store it in the fridge. Ns noticed a slight development in the dark one underneath mine eyes but nothing drastic. Hey, I'll take every little thing I can gain in the department! Most human being who have actually dark circles have actually inherited it, so that is difficult to completely eliminate them.Overall, ns would certainly recommend this product, just remember a tiny goes a lengthy way.


I love this product i have been utilizing it for 6 months and i have actually seen a adjust in mine eyes. I placed it on before i walk to be and also when i acquire up in the morning. I normally have bags under mine eyes and also i constantly looked tried even though ns was not. After using this product my eye look more awake and also no more bags(yay!) I have sensitive skin if it functions for me then i would give it a try.

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Nancy-Lee C. Mar 06, 2011
extremely cooling. Lightweight.

I was pleasantly surprised just how comfortable ns felt after making use of this. This clear gelatin is very thick very thick, a tiny goes a long means and is almost creamy in consistency. The dries quickly and also I never feel residue yet I know something is there - over there is a comfortable tightness to my skin. As the work wear on, this does not warm and transfer right into my eyes.

I choose to usage this throughout the day due to the fact that the dry-down is quick and also I deserve to move forward v eyeshadow and/or primer. Which gets me out of the toilet quicker.

It's a great price suggest $15. I would buy again.


I can't phone call you just how disappointed ns was to uncover I to be allergic to this product! I offered this on and off to help my sore eyes during the driest month of winter and also at first, all was good. Ns wouldn't precisely say that brightened any kind of dark circles, but I don't have any type of darkness come my eye anyway. Puffiness was absolutely reduced, however the key reason i loved it was the cooling effect it had. My eyes are extremely sensitive, and also the least small thing deserve to bother them--no matter what they had been with at the end of the day, this gelatin was like an oasis in the center of the desert. My eye loved it. Ns didn't simply use that under mine eyes, i smeared it end my lids, mine lashes, sometimes even on my cheeks over my sinuses.

I stopped using this about a week and also when I started using the again, I found myself with strange flaky spot under mine eyes. Ns blamed a new foundation and stop use. Patches obtained worse, until the skin under mine eyes about resembled one elephant--clearly, this was no the foundation. I broke out a more heavier eye cream (Mary Kay's Age-Fighting Eye Creme--my mother's rec) and also within 2 days, the patches to be gone.

It's due to the fact that been established that I'm allergic to cucumber. So this eye gelatin has uncovered a an excellent home v a girlfriend of mine who has actually no disadvantage reaction to vegetables, and also has normal human skin.

I have actually been utilizing this product for just a quick while and I love that already. I obtained some samples the it and also once I'm done with them I will be purchasing! the goes top top smooth and smells amazing. It is irradiate weight, for this reason I use it in the morning and also at night!

Angela W. Mar 30, 2014
Meh it pipeline a film

If you've ever cut into one aloe plant and also felt the slimy "gel" inside-that's what this product is like. The dries to a movie which is OK because that nighttime however forget putting makeup over it. I'm every for organic products yet this one just isn't a favorite.

Nic L. Oct 02, 2011
Nasty film left behind that burns prefer crazy.

This product left a movie behind after the dried that you would think must be absorbed into the skin v a minimal amount used to the eye area, a small but really does go a long method . I deserve to handle the film because that night time application for the day time who wants to walk around with a film about the eye area, not an excellent at all. However the transaction breaker because that me is how it shed the eye area whereby it was applied, not an excellent especially since I have sensitive skin and eyes. This is the one product in their line the is just not for my skin.

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When I used this, the left this weird, filmy gelatin residue on my skin. It felt prefer the gel had actually just dried on top of mine skin, rather of sinking in favor it need to have. Ns can attend to it, yet I favor my advantage eye cream now.

defintly not an excellent i do have bags under my eyes however this didn't assist one bit! an extremely disapointed v this perticular product ! and would no recomend it to a friend

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