m!ka. The world's many beautiful mounting system.

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Designed for seamless integration, the m!ka Mic and also Monitor Mounting System offers you with an elegant and powerful combination of components. Style your individual studio setup in the many flexible way. Enjoy amazing possibilities. Evaluate incomparable efficiency. Savor amazing personality.


The device to success.

m!ka stands for tidy and well-organized workspaces. The m!ka Mounting mechanism keeps your desktop computer clean by hiding most of her cables and also reducing the number of mounting points. You will certainly be amazed how much more room for your ideas there is come gain. M!ka gives you through many an ext options than other systems. Feel cost-free to integrate its elements and to mountain them where you want. There"s no better way come mount.

NEW: m!ka is now easily accessible in sets, too.

m!ka supplies so much much more possibilities than any type of other mounting system. There space plenty of options to combine its elements. As of now, the most famous arrangements are obtainable in kind of m!ka Sets. Choose in between twelve different compositions or have a look in ~ them to get inspired to produce your very own setup.



Ready, set, action!


With the brand-new m!ka CamStud you now acquire smooth camera integration for cameras and also web cams v 1/4" screw. Seamlessly add a camera to your setup: Simply location m!ka CamStud on optimal of a m!ka Pole, litt Riser or even straight on your m!ka Mic Arm. Many thanks to its combined ball joint, you constantly get the required camera edge to gain a clear view!

The "little black color dress".

Ever wondered why coco chose black? Classy, basic and elegant - that"s what is linked with the color black. Black color sets a frame and contrasts bright ideas. For this reason why not incorporate it in her studio setup?

Discreetly shimmering.

The anodized metallic look at stands out. Through its feeling of reserve, aluminum to adjust focus. It is not without a reason that countless decide come wear silver jewelry. Be part of the latest metallic rise.

Light or dark, make it yours.

Some prefer the dark while rather are into the stylish metallic look. No matter what girlfriend prefer, m!ka offers you what you lengthy for. The totality system is obtainable in aluminum and black.



»This is exactly what I had been browsing for and more. (...) straightforward and streamlined, resembling a sleek robotic arm. I can not be an ext pleased v the high quality of construction and also superb support detailed by ivorycrimestory.com.«

– Gary Watcher, RadioMagOnline –



Your microphone's ideal mate.

Let m!ka come to be your microphone"s dependable companion. Mountain its clamp come the conventional 5/8" thread and hook it up via the arm"s inboard mic cable. M!ka Mic Arms space pre-weighted come fit many standard microphones. Whenever needed you have the right to fine balance the arm by adjusting the interior spring system. Also heavy microphones can be perfectly counterbalanced because that untroubled use. Permit the display begin.

Small details do a substantial difference.

Each m!ka design is available in two versions, either through or there is no "On Air" indicator. Gain to uncover your indicator precisely where you need it: just over your microphone. The 360° signaling irradiate is doubtlessly telling anybody roughly that you room On Air.

Two states, 2 colors.

Why suggest On wait only? In enhancement to the prominent red because that On air indication you get white, too. Use it, because that instance, to show that her mic is ready. To do so, simply reverse the polarity that the journey voltage and toggle between red and also white signaling.


m!ka redefined because that Visual Radio.

A continuously growing number of radio stations invites their audience to let it have actually a glance behind the scenes. Intuitive Radio is the buzz word. In order come let her webcam capture an unobstructed view of the scenes, us designed a short profile version of m!ka. That"s why we contact it: m!ka Mic arm TV.

UHD ready. Webcam ready.

Wherever you need unobstructed sight m!ka Mic arm TV solves her problem. Reap greater flexibility when you position your webcam. The short profile eight hovers just above desktop level and also still watch awesome. The mounts quickly on a quick m!ka Pole. Or girlfriend simply add it to any adjacent m!ka Pole. The eight are easily accessible in light and black.


More room for her ideas.

m!ka monitor Arms aid you to efficiently use limited space. With m!ka put multiple monitors following or on height of each other becomes a item of cake. Provide your m!ka monitor Arm added functions by combine it with m!ka Accessories. What around a Copy stand or a Pad-Dock for your mobile device?

There's no much better way come mount and also arrange her monitors.

All m!ka monitor Arms offer a head share that can be adjusted in lot of ways. It promises improved and also simplified friction adjustments. Take monitor plan one step further.


Your monitor fits.

Get a new monitor the fits first? Not through m!ka! The QuickFix Adapter because that VESA75 and also VESA100 makes every m!ka Monitor eight a magic cartridge for all species of monitors. The is the right selection for your monitor, too.


Smarter options.

Making m!ka even an ext flexible, the screen arms" head joints currently offer easier adjustment. V their design, you space able come independently set the friction of your monitor"s horizontal and vertical tilt. You want to easily tilt her monitor vertically without transforming its horizontal position? No problem. Take the following step in tailoring your setup.

Even more flexibility? Here's m!ka EasyLift.

For good reasons ours m!ka screen Arms adjust in elevation by using 2 screws. This protects her setup from having actually your monitors clash into other equipment. Yet some workspaces might require a rapid lift of the screen. Take a guest locations, for instance.

Need a rapid lift? watch this weightlifter.

Some installations need extra flexibility. Therefore we come up with m!ka EasyLift i beg your pardon delivers height adjustment at your fingertip. Thanks to the integrated pneumatic spring, over there is no must readjust any kind of screws at any time you desire to move equipment in a upright direction. Regulate elevation settings within the wink of an eye.

an ext

Champion in different weight classes.

m!ka EasyLift add to a whole new method of up-and-down activity made as smooth as possible. All three arm size are available with two different load capacities of 3-8kg and also 7-15kg. Choose according to the weight of your monitor. Adapted to her individual gear"s weight, the m!ka EasyLift Monitor arm takes a most work off her hands.

to buy

Upgrade her monitor arm. V m!ka Accessories.

Various m!ka Accessories serve as add-ons. They equip m!ka Monitor arms with extr functions. Many thanks to QuickFix.

m!ka Copy Stand. Therefore much room for all your notes.


As versatile as her ideas.

much more

m!ka Pad-Dock. Fastens your tablet.

A the majority of reporters rely on tablet computer computers while they"re on the road. Therefore why not giving them the place they truly deserve ago home? many thanks to m!ka Pad-Dock, you can securely close a tablet computer to her setup and also make it an essential part that your working area. Simply pick your favored m!ka screen Arm and also attach m!ka Pad-Dock via QuickFix within seconds.


Drop and pull the anchor whenever friend want.

By adapting to individual sizes, m!ka Pad-Dock securely fastens your tablet computer and provides it an inherent part of your studio. Achieve all this without ever giving increase the services of a cell phone device. Conveniently detach the tablet from the clip whenever you desire to take it v you.


Mount m!ka wherever you like.

Making many of mounting options? That"s what m!ka it s okay you. Make use of the good variety the mounting alternatives offered through the m!ka System"s arms and accessories. The alternatives go on and also on and also on...

Mount m!ka to surfaces of all kinds.

A broad range of mounting gadgets equips you with the right components to mount your m!ka system in the best feasible way. Thanks to different supports, m!ka Mic Arms can be enclosed to desks of various panel thickness, to m!ka device Walls or straight to your room walls. Gain even an ext flexibility by combine m!ka Mic Arms and also m!ka Poles.

M!KA ARM support

m!ka Poles allow for extr flexibility.

When it pertains to mounting m!ka Monitor arms or Accessories, m!ka Poles serve as a backbone. The poles are easily accessible in 2 versions: Either fix them to walls (Wall mountain Poles) or pick a 360° version (System Poles). According to your needs, we sell multiple options to mount poles to your desk, wall or ceiling to place your m!ka devices wherever you wish.

M!KA POLE support

our m!ka how To Clips give you review of the m!ka Mounting System. They show you exactly how to incorporate m!ka elements and explain the various accessible mounting options. On top, you obtain various tricks on just how to make many of m!ka. For example we just how to perfetly balance her m!ka Mic Arm v your microphone"s weight.

Frequently asked questions

Is it feasible to deactivate the m!ka monitor Arm's QuickFix function?


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The m!ka Mic Arm"s QuickFix duty allows for easy installation the monitors. Through the help of a release lever, that locks your tools in place.

Nevertheless, you constantly have the choice to deactivate QuickFix. Simply turn in the screw put next come the release bar on the m!ka screen Arm"s head in order come disengage the QuickFix function. Act so, your monitor or m!ka Accessory is permanently resolved to the arm till you decide to loosen the screw again. To take full advantage of QuickFix again, merely loosen the screw anytime.



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