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According to Cilvaringz and also RZA (The 2 world who in reality knew the album was being made) this to be being videotaped at the exact same time together " A much better Tomorrow " and they took the verses from other Wu members to do this album without their knowledge.

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Which take away a many things away: If the Wu members were told around the album lock (hopefully) would have had actually passion to put down good verses because that an album that's meant to it is in an arts piece. They didn't have actually a concept, so yes, really this album is simply a compilation that 2008-2014 Wu-Tang verses.Does anyone desire that?
5.00 stars 1.1 enntrance gate (Intro)
4.50 stars 1.2 Rivals
just this.RZA is desperate because that money.Cilvaringz is a lie twat and also ruined the Clan surname forever.Ol' Dirty Bastard's roll in his grave. Thanks RZA and Cilvaringz."Fans got twenty years of music".Yeah, the very same fans that obtained you on top selfish bastards. Also Wu-Tang Corps are nothing but mindless twats (maybe two-three members) that will praise Ringz's ego due to the fact that "ART". Since FML..: yes I understand Shkreli released the an initial two tracks (sort of) on choice Night, but I only ranked those two songs and also that's it. Unless Shkreli is keeping his word and does release OUATIS, I'll evaluation the album and also give the my complete rating. So much I'm a bit cynical since Shkreli hasn't exit the album, but I can assume it's due to his own large catalog that music and the reality OUATIS has actually 31 tracks. That did present two an ext songs after ~ the release but alas, not so much.: Shrekboy is in jail, the album is now own through the government. One of two people the album will certainly be re-sold by the government without the contract considering the only applies to Shkreli or it will certainly forgotten by the sands of time. Additionally Shkreli's lawyer says it's "probably unsecured now". Well considering Shreky didn't even treat the album choose the an alleged art item that RZA and Ringz masturbated around (he fucking offered it as a coaster
and broke the 2nd nickel case...), I highly doubt Shaolin will be worth something something now. Uneven a miracle happens that will certainly make RZA pretend Shaolin never ever existed and Ringz piss himself after establish his soloalbum-I typical "masterpiece" didn't have actually the license for the samples not paid for, this album will be forever remembered as a joke by a group still wanting to relax the work of enter the Wu-Tang / Wu-Tang Forever and also pretend those two are their just albums.Shame.

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Let's be real for a second: over there is a 98% probability that this album is complete trash. If it were any type of good, the would have featured a memorable single with a music video, the would have been distributed to every record store in America, and also Wu tang would have actually made a pretty pretty profit, maybe even a bid for a tour. Instead, they placed out a lackluster album last year which acquired no traction in the hip hop community, castle weren't happy v the half-baked nature that this product, and also they didn't want to death their brand surname with another bad release. Yet they still wanted to benefit from the suffer of functioning on the album, girlfriend know? they wanted part reward for the time they put into this project. Therefore they wrap it up in a bow and ribbon, sell it for an exorbitant quantity of money come a human being they recognize won't re-superstructure it with the remainder of the world, clear their consciences, and also rekindle the hype because that their surname just enough for us to be talking around them.
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