When we say who is worth your salt, we average literally the he or she earns every little thing reward lock get, i m sorry usually refers to their paycheck, however can also simply denote a human who is worthy of respect or admiration.

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But exactly how did salt concerned be a measurement of worth?

It is really simple. The expression “worth his salt” or “earning his salt,” in ~ origin, literally meant “worth his pay.”

The expression has sometimes, together well, been increased to “worth his weight in salt.” every one of this shows the reality that salt is a mineral that has actually been a commodity in every component of the world, transparent history.

People bartered with it and also may have actually actually lugged cakes that salt roughly with them.

If friend could bring your weight in salt then you had actually a lot of spending power!

At times, according to part sources, roman soldiers to be paid partially or completely in salt.

Or, castle were given an pin money for buying salt.

In fact, the Latin word for salt was sal and this salt rations, or salt allowances were referred to as a salarium, from which we derive our modern word salary.

Not only that, yet the native soldier actually comes via the French native solde, an interpretation pay, and a soldier to be “one who is paid.” However, this terms derive from the Latin native solidus, which was the surname of a solid gold coin. You have the right to see, though, that the word soldier did not mean someone that is trained to fight, however someone that is payment to fight.

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Salt Cakes photo by robin.elaine via flickr

Most explanations the the expression’s roots offer the Roman practice as the an accurate origin, yet the use of salt as barter material or even money is not distinctive to the Romans. Part sources cite the use of salt together a barter because that slaves, so the “worth his salt” would have a rather literal meaning.

There is likewise a story the the contemporary expression comes from the practice of pirates being paid in “salted beef,” so that a pirate who wasn’t law his task wasn’t “worth his salt.”

If you spend any time researching the origin of acquainted expressions, however, you will discover that there is always a pirate story in the mix!

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