Fun in the sun! while Hayden Panettiere took new York City for work-related on April 21 – wherein she gushed around her daughter Kaya on Good Morning America! – her fiancé Wladimir Klitschko doted ~ above his little girl through a beach day in Miami.

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Wladimir make Hayden the envy of every woman once her buff fiancé ditched his shirts to show off his toned and also trim body. But all eye weren’t top top the boxer for long because…


Baby Kaya lastly showed off she adorable face! We’ve watched the 4-month-old in magazines and in Instagram snaps, but the cutie was finally out and about (and not spanned up!) once the father-daughter duo struggle the beach.


The nice in pink tot take it a dip in the ocean with the aid of her dad, that course! looking at that face, it’s simple to watch that she’s already Hayden’s mini-me!


While Kaya and also her daddy cooled off in Miami, her mom showed up on GMA to talk around her hit display Nashville and life as a new mom. “You just re-prioritize,” she said. “You hear that they’re healthy, and also you simply don’t care about yourself anymore. It’s the many out-of-body experience, whereby you go, ‘I will completely lay myself top top the line because that my child. Without also a hesitation.'”

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The heavyweight champion is acquisition it straightforward with his daughter before his big fight through the undefeated Bryant Jennings on Saturday. We’re rooting for you!

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