The ____ step of the SDLC includes four main activities: demands modeling, data and process modeling, thing modeling, and also consideration of breakthrough strategies.A. Systems planning C. Solution designB. Systems analysis D. Equipment implementation

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One that the main activities in the systems analysis phase is ____ modeling, which requires fact-finding to describe the existing system and also identification needs for the brand-new system.A. Objective C. Goal-basedB. Requirements D. User-based
Greater user involvement in the mechanism development process usually outcomes in ____.A. Poorer communication C. Slower advancement timesB. An ext satisfied users D. Reduced quality deliverable
____ are particularly important come a equipment analyst who must work with civilization at all business levels, balance conflicting requirements of users, and also communicate effectively.A. Analytical an abilities C. Interpersonal skillsB. Artistic skills D. Confrontation skills
The ____ is a extensively used an approach of visualizing and documenting software application systems design.A. UML C. FDDB. TCO D. REJ
A ____ is a UML technique that visually to represent the interaction in between users and also an information system.A. TCO C. Use case diagramB. Data schematic D. User-based flowchart
In a use situation diagram, the user becomes a(n) ____, through a specific duty that describes how he or she interacts with a system.A. Certified dealer C. InterlocutorB. Actor D. Master
Which of the following is a general category of device requirements?A. Daily reports C. Response timeB. Entry D. Login security
In one interview, ____ encourage spontaneous and also unstructured responses.A. Open-ended questions C. Leading questionsB. Closed-ended questions D. Range-of-response questions
When studying an details system, instances of actual documents should be gathered using a procedure called ____.A. Stratification C. IndexingB. Randomization D. Sampling
____ permit a systems analyst to recognize a problem, evaluate the crucial elements, and develop a valuable solution. A. Analysis skillsB. Imaginative skillsC. Interpersonal skillsD. Confrontation skills
____ are especially important come a solution analyst who have to work with civilization at all organizational levels, balance conflicting needs of users, and also communicate effectively. A. Analytical skillsB. Imaginative skillsC. Interpersonal skillsD. Confrontation skills
The primary benefit of RAD is the ____.A. Systems deserve to be developed an ext quickly with far-ranging cost savingsB. The company"s strategic business needs room emphasized and also the mechanics that the device are no stressedC. The decelerated time cycle allows more time to build quality, consistency, and design standardsD. Every one of the above
All the the adhering to are categories of mechanism requirements except ____. A. OutputsB. DynamicsC. PerformanceD. Controls
____ is a common example that a system requirement because that the process category.A. The net site need to report virtual volume statistics every four hours and hourly during peak periodsB. The device must it is in operated seven days a week, 365 days a yearC. The video rental system must no execute brand-new rental transactions because that customers who have overdue tapesD. All transactions must have audit trails
____ is a usual example of a mechanism requirement because that the performance category.A. The purchasing system must administer suppliers through up-to-date specificationsB. Every input form must include date, time, product code, customer number, and quantityC. The manager that the sales room must give orders the exceed a customer"s credit transaction limitD. The college student records system must produce course lists within five hours ~ the end of registration
____ is a usual example of a device requirement because that the regulate category.A. The customer evaluation system must produce a quarterly report that identifies transforms in bespeak patternsB. The mechanism must keep separate level of protection for users and the device administratorC. The data entry displays must it is in uniform, other than for elevator color, which have the right to be adjusted by the userD. The warehouse distribution system need to analyze daily orders and create a routing sample for shipment trucks
In one interview, ____ are inquiries that questioning a human to advice something by providing restricted answers to details responses or top top a numeric scale. A. Open-ended questionsB. Closed-ended questionsC. Leading questionsD. Range-of-response questions
When preparing a representative sample native a perform of 200 customers that complained around errors in your statements, a ____ might choose every tenth customer because that review. A. Systematic sampleB. Stratified sampleC. Random sampleD. Considerable sample
Wireless ability allows every one of the following except ____. A. Web accessB. Synchronization through office networksC. Arbitrarily samplingD. Streaming multimedia




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