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TheStranger Thingsstar spoke through ET"s Cameron Mathison ~ above the red carpet at the 2018 screen Actors Guild Awards top top Sunday, laughing off last year"s minute seen "round the web. While agree the award for superior Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, Harbour came to be "very red confronted and really impassioned," by his account, prompting a hilariously bewildered reaction native co-star Winona Ryder.

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"OK, look, I"m going to explain that because I"ve been on the opposite side," he started with a laugh. "I"ve gone to an awards present where I"ve to be behind someone and also I will certainly say, it"s extremely hard come hear what the human being is saying. The echoes in a an extremely strange way."

Harbour also admits the he"s a pan of that one details meme from the moment.

"There is a pizza meme, though, through it going into my mouth," that mused, "which ns kinda love."Should the Stranger things cast take it the exact same awardduring Sunday"s ceremony, Harbour states not to intend a repeat of critical year.

"There will certainly be other people giving that, so thankfully I"m off the hook," the said. This year, the 42-year-old actor also scored a solo nomination for outstanding Performance through a masculine Actor in a Drama Series.

"If i win, i do have something very personal that I"d favor to say," he teased. "It probably won"t be together passionate as last year, but I have something very personal that i would choose to say. So, we"ll see."

Win or lose, Harbour is most looking forward to security time with his castmates.

"I think we"ll probably just hang the end at the Netflix party afterwards," that said. "It was really funny last year because you hang the end at the party and also we have actually tons that awards, and they"re all sitting at the table, and then we just go dance. I really love this cast more than any type of cast I"ve ever before worked with, so it"s always nice to spend time with them."

Harbour will additionally be spending quality time through singer-songwriter and actress Alison Sudol (Fantastic Beasts), that he lugged as his date.

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"She is a exorbitant person," he gushed.


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