RACKET SPECS:Technical Details -wilson tourism slam tennis racquet Features and also Benefits – wilson tourism slam tennis racquetConclusion

Player level: Beginners

Flexibility: Stiff

Balance: Head Light

Weight: even (10.3 oz.)

Head size: large (112 sq inch)





The Wilson tour Slam is a perfect racket for beginners to the game of Tennis, to chat players and also those that carry out not arrangement to take the video game seriously. It is described as a forgiving racket, together it comes v a big sweet spot. This makes novices love it. It additionally has this great feeling due to the fact that it is an extremely light. It is also an excellent for players that favor a powerful racket. It offers right combination of control and also power.

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The weight and also length that this racket carry out inexperienced players v the ideal amount that power, spin, momentum, and also maneuverability the is it s okay for your level. Its manage is really soft and also thick, so the gives more support, making shots quite easy. Football player that have actually used this racket report the their backhands have substantially improved.

Wilson tourism Slam (1) is also known for its affordability, and that is even one the its selling points. That comes with a an excellent string, and its stamin is quite impressive. This racket comes v style, and also it is obtainable in 3 colors.

You deserve to read with this write-up come get sufficient information together regards the Wilson tour Slam.

Technical Details -wilson tour slam tennis racquet 

This racket comes with the volcano Frame technology that is built into the bridge, which uses stability and also extreme power. It likewise has the prevent Shock Pads that aid to alleviate vibration, so there is proper control. It has actually a string pattern of 16 x 19 inches. That is an open string pattern.

This is a racket the comes pre-strung along with a Wilson string. Pre-strung rackets are not together expensive together the premium rackets. This is among the reasons that provides Wilson tour Slam quite affordable in comparison to part others through the exact same quality.

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It comes v a headlight equalization that supports the advance in the more substantial edge. The stop Stun Sleeves bring about more solace. The is lightweight, in order to it provides support come strikes, shots and adds vitality come the game.