Hello, ns went top top TicketMeQuick and was emailed a ticket for the showing on Feb 20th. I love the show and have constantly wanted to see it live. I've got a lot of questions

Does anyone know the procedure of coming to be an audience member?

It states my join is no guaranteed top top the ticket so, how at an early stage do I require to present up?

Where is the finest parking?

This appears to it is in the last taping because that a while so i don't recognize if it would certainly be precious it for me to drive down from NorCal because that one day just to it is in turned away. Go anyone have actually word if there will certainly be an ext tapings in the future? That method I deserve to make a more organized expedition out the it. I'm fear this might be the critical taping ever.

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The critical taping I checked out was in ~ the KTLA studio and also it looks like they’ve relocated to CBS, so if there’s everyone who’s to be to a taping in ~ the CBS studio, please chime in if any of my info is outdated.

Having said that, the first time I showed up before 4:30pm favor the ticket suggested and also was quiet turned away however not until after waiting in heat that whole time. As soon as I started showing up closer come 3pm I constantly got in through no issues and I’ve to be to 4 tapings since! Sorry i can’t help much through parking, different studio.

I’d say go for it, gain there supervisor early, bring a coat or sweater (it will certainly be freezing), and have a good time! As lengthy as you in line at an early stage enough and also dressed organization casual you’ll gain in no problem. And have a good time, you’ll never forget when you got to to visit a Whose line taping!

And feel cost-free to afternoon me if did you do it got any other questions, and I’ll try to answer come the ideal of my storage :)

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I saw the taping this past Wednesday, so I'll write-up my experience in case it helps folks in the future.

I arrived to the studio's parking garage roughly 2:30pm - ticket stated 6pm - and also was told come come back at 3:30, that's once they'll start letting persons in because that this show. (There were two other shows taping the night as well.) There to be some civilization lined up on the street at this time, yet I was by myself so i couldn't have a girlfriend wait in heat while I faced the automobile like various other folks did. ;) in ~ 3:30, cars started lining up in the street and then we were permitted to drive in and also park - for cost-free - on one of the peak levels of the parking garage. Then us came under in one elevator come the basement, went through metal detectors, and checked in. Anyone is offered a number card, though part folks obtained blue cards and others acquired yellow cards - you heat up in the color group you've got. It was around 3:45 through this point. I noticed a producer going through the people in the yellow card line and also pulling few of them into a 3rd line - these liked folks to be seated behind Aisha because that the taping. The blue line to be the last to obtain pulled into the lineup and also we had actually a really long walk indigenous the parking garage to the soundstage. ;) us were inside the theater by 5:20pm and also filming began a little before 6pm.

It's a lengthy chilly endure (bring a jacket!) - they'll save you till 10:30pm, and there's no food or drink provided of food ;) I lugged a bunch of snacks in my bag along with a party of water, though i didn't drink much since they do a huge deal around NO restroom BREAKS when inside the studio. I was back on the roadway by 11pm.

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It to be a the majority of fun of course! ns am therefore curious to see what will certainly actually do it to air :) No picture allowed, unfortunately.