Equal number of mole of $ceCH4$ and $ceO2$ are attracted into a sealed container and also the device is left until it will equilibrium. Which of the following relationships pertaining to this certain system space true in ~ equilibrium?

$ce{ $ce>$ $ce


I recognize that the equation because that $ceK_eq$ is



I think that 3. Is wrong due to the fact that if $ceCH4$ and also $ceO2$ are equal, then $ceH2$ and also $ceCO$ have to be the same. Currently I"m confused about 1 and also 2. I"m no sure exactly how to distinguish in between the two.

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Let"s say that the quantity of $ceCH4$ and also $ceO2$ at the begin is $x$.

After the reaction is complete, let"s say that $y$ moles of $ceO2$ reacted.

The amount of mole of $ceCH4$ left is $x-2y$;

The quantity of moles of $ceO2$ left is $x-y$;

The lot of moles of $ceCO$ developed is $2y$;

The amount of mole of $ceH2$ developed is $4y$;

That have to make among the choices plainly false, one clearly true and one can not be so obvious, uneven you assume that the forward reaction path is much less favourable ($ceCO$ is not really stable)

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