AGITPROPThe initial sense of agitprop to be "agitation and also propaganda on behalf of Communism", or "a government agency or room responsible for agitation and also propaganda". The main current sense of words is just "propaganda, specifically socially or politically urged propaganda appearing in literary works, films, etc."; despite the word regularly refers to political propaganda, that is not limited to communist doctrine. Words agitprop is an initial found in English sources in the mid 1930s.

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BOURGEOIS TRAGEDYBourgeois tragedy (German: Bürgerliches Trauerspiel) is a form of tragedy that developed in 18th-century Europe. The is a fruit the the enlightenment and the emergence of the bourgeoes class and also its ideals. That is characterized by the reality that its protagonists are simple citizens. Wikipedia entry

BURLESQUEAdult-orientated entertainment, consist of of dancing, minimal costumes, songs and comic sketches. Well-known from the 1840s in Europe and also the USA.

COMEDYAn entertaining performance designed to make an audience laugh.In Greek and Roman theatre, any play through a happy ending was called a comedy, nevertheless of whether it was funny.Sketch Comedy - a collection of brief unconnected scenes, through comedic and/or stylised performances, containing jokes, which may be object and/or satirical. High Comedy (also well-known as pure or highbrow comedy) is a form of comedy defined by witty dialogue, satire, biting humor, or criticism that life.Low Comedy (also well-known as lowbrow humour) is an ext physical comedy, making use of slapstick or farce, with no purpose other than to cause the audience to laugh.See likewise SATIRE.

DINNER THEATREA theatre power that contains a meal, either at the same venue or in ~ an surrounding restaurant.Although it was popular in the 1950s in the USA (as Dinner Theater), there are still countless venues worldwide where a live performance is add by a meal, usually in a tourist-focussed themed attraction. Examples run everyday in ras Vegas or Orlando, Florida, and also include murder-mystery themes, medieval themes, or magic shows with dinner served.

DOCUMENTARY THEATREDocumentary theatre, or theatre the fact, is theatre the wholly or in component uses pre-existing documentary material (such together newspapers, government reports, interviews, etc.) as source material for the script, ideally without altering its wording.Where it's featured exclusively on the words of others, typically members of the general public in a details situation, it's recognized as VERBATIM THEATRE.


Traditional audience seating layout where the audience is looking in ~ the phase from the same direction. This seating layout is that of a Proscenium Arch theatre.Also known as Proscenium Staging.The end-on stage have the right to be break-up into 9 areas: upstage right, upstage centre, upstage left, centre phase right, centre stage, centre phase left, downstage right, downstage centre, downstage left.See also THRUST, IN THE ROUND, TRAVERSE.

EPIC THEATREEpic theatre is a theatrical movement developing in the beforehand to mid-20th century indigenous the theories and practice of a variety of theatre practitioners who responded to the political climate of the moment through the development of a brand-new political theatre.Epic theatre is not intended to refer to the scale or the scope of the work, however rather come the kind that it takes. Epos theatre emphasizes the audience's perspective and also reaction come the piece through a range of methods that deliberately reason them to individually engage in a different way The function of epic theatre is no to encourage one audience to suspend their disbelief, however rather to pressure them to see their human being as it is. (from Wikipedia)Wikipedia entry

EXPRESSIONISMTheatre design and performance format which places higher value ~ above emotion 보다 realism. The trademark Expressionist results were often completed through distortion.

FARCEForm the comedy play originated in France, utilizing fast-paced physical activity and intuitive comedy more than humour based upon language.In London's West End, complying with the 2nd World War, there to be farces in ~ the Aldwych Theatre (the Aldwych Farces, particularly those by Ben Travers) and at the Whitehall Theatre (the Whitehall Farces).

FORUM THEATREForum theatre is a type of theatre produced by the significant practitioner Augusto Boal as part of what he calls his "Theatre that the Oppressed." when practicing earlier in his career, Boal would use simultaneous dramaturgy. In this process the gibbs or audience members could stop a performance, often a brief scene in i m sorry a character to be being oppressed in some way. The audience would suggest different actions for the gibbs to lug out on-stage in an attempt to change the result of what they to be seeing. This was an effort to drown the timeless actor/audience divide and to carry audience members into the performance, to have an input right into the dramatic action they to be watching.

FUTURISMAn artistic and also social activity that began in Italy in the at an early stage 20th century. In art, it celebrated technologies of the time - waiting travel, machinery, industrialisation. Futurist ideas helped to type Art Deco, Vorticism, Constructivism, Surrealism, Dada, and much later on Neo-Futurism. In theatre, that fought versus classical develops of theatre and celebrated the youthful, spontaneous, and also satirical, encouraging vaudeville and music hall forms.Wikipedia entry

GRAND GUIGNOLShock theatre form originally indigenous Le grand Guignol theatre in Montmartre, Paris (opened in 1897). Specialised in showing the macabre & gruesome to the delight and horror the the audience.

IMMERSIVE THEATRE1) A piece of linear performance whereby the venue has been adjusted / transformed to do it part of the stare of the story. Secret Cinema events are role playing game in this sense.2) A piece of non-linear performance where a non-theatre venue has actually been totally transformed into a extremely detailed civilization within i beg your pardon the audience is totally free to roam and also see various parts of the story perform in appropriate locations. The UK company Punchdrunk developed the concept of audience members wearing masks which allow them to wander roughly the room anonymously.Punchdrunk Theatre

IN THE ROUNDTheatre in the ring is a type of audience seating layout where the acting area is surrounded on all sides through seating. Over there are often a variety of entrances through the seating. Special factor to consider needs to be provided to onstage furniture and also scenery as audience sightlines can conveniently be blocked.Stage managers and also directors frequently use the idea that a clock challenge to describe actor positions on stage (e.g. The aisle nearest the technical point is defined as the 12 O'clock position, with various other aisles explained as 3, 6 and 9 O'clock.)See additionally ARENA, THRUST, finish ON, TRAVERSE.

INSTALLATION1) An electric system in a specific building (e.g. "the phase lighting installation was tested critical year")2) A item of art designed to change a certain room or structure into something various other than a room in an art gallery. Installations frequently use complicated audio-visual equipment and can be intensely immersive experiences. (e.g. "In the studio space this mainly we have an installation by man Doe entitled "Space"")

LEGITIMATE THEATREThe term to be originally acquired from the UK Licencing plot of 1737, i beg your pardon sought to censor and control what theatrical performances to be able to say about the government.In 1660, ~ the restoration of Charles II, the previous ban on publicly entertainments to be lifted, and letters patent were granted to cutting board Killigrew and also William Davenant to form two theatre carriers to perform 'serious drama'.Other theatres to be not permitted to carry out such severe work, yet could put on comedy, pantomime or melodrama.All performances to be licenced by the Examiner that Plays.The 1843 Theatres Act allowed all theatres to carry out 'serious' drama, yet censorship and also licencing to be in ar until 1968, once a brand-new Theatres Act to be created.Legitimate theater now refers come theatres that create 'serious', high-quality skilled work rather than selection or burlesque.

MELODRAMAA Melodrama is a dramatic work-related that exaggerates plot and/or personalities in order come appeal to the emotions. That is usually based approximately having the same character traits, (for example, a hero, that is fearless and also who the audience is rooting for, the heroine, that is generally in risk of part kind, which the hero rescues she from; the villain (usually likes the heroine too) and villain's sidekick (typically it s okay in the method of or annoys the villain).The hatchet is additionally used in scholarly and also historical music contexts to refer to dramas of the 18th and 19th century in which orchestral music or track was provided to accompany the action.

METATHEATREThis term, coined by Lionel Abel, has gotten in into common an essential usage; however, over there is still much uncertainty over its proper definition and what dramatic techniques could be contained in that is scope. Abel explained metatheatre as reflecting comedy and also tragedy, at the same time, where the audience have the right to laugh at the protagonist while emotion empathetic simultaneously.Wikipedia entry

MIMEForm the performance through no spoken words. Plot, personality etc. Are conveyed to the audience by movement and gesture. Indigenous the Greek Mimos.See additionally Physical Theatre. Marcel Marceau foundation for the development of the arts of MimeMummenschanz

MINIMALISMArtistic movement starting in the 1960s which aspired to simple type and design. A minimalist theatrical stage design might involve only the vital compoents of the scene (e.g. A single chair and also a suspended home window frame, and also no other collection or furniture).The judgment mantra is 'Less is More'. The is often ideal to take far things as soon as the stage picture is not right, rather than adding an ext - this applies to stage lighting and also scenic design.

MORALITY PLAYAn allegorical performance in whcih the protagonist is met by personifications of various moral characteristics who try to prompt him to select a godly life over among evil. Well-known in Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries.Wikipedia entry

MUSIC HALLA form of brothers theatrical entertain popular in between 1850 and 1960. It associated a mixture of famous song, comedy, speciality action and variety entertainment. The hatchet is acquired from a form of theatre or meet in which such entertainment took place. Brother music room was comparable to American vaudeville, featuring rousing songs and comic acts, if in the united kingdom the hatchet vaudeville referred to much more working-class types of entertainment that would have been termed burlesque in America.

MYSTERY PLAYAlso recognized as a miracle Play. Traditional since medieval times, the an enig Play is a re-enactment that bliblical scenes, generally performed out in a little town or village, by the community.A enthusiasm Play is a cycle of plays that portray the Easter story, specifically. One of the most famous is the Oberammergau passion Play, performed in the German city in years ending in a zero. What is a wonder PlayOberammergau enthusiasm Play

NATURALISM1) Lighting Design: A naturalistic method to lighting design requires lanterns to be put in methods that duplicate where the light would certainly come native in nature. For example, a sunny day outdoor scene would be lit generally from above the acting area, through fill lighting in native the sides together if native the cloud. A dark room would certainly be lit through moonlight with a window, and the irradiate level would increase when a door is opened from a lit corridor or once a irradiate fitting is turned on.2) Performance: A naturalistic performance (following the techniques of Stanislavski) calls for that the actor completely understands and also inhabits every aspect of the characters' life, and the an ideas and present that room to be spoken.3) Scenic Design: The collection designer intends to reproduce truth as very closely as possible.Heightened Naturalism entails exaggerating the natural elements of the scene because that dramatic (or comedic) purposes.

ONE human being SHOWAn entire performance because that a solitary performer. Also known as One-Man display or One-Woman Show.Relies top top a solid characterisation and also a i was sure performer. The demonstrate is somes additionally the writer, but not necessarily."Fleabag" is written and performed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and also was very successful in ~ the Edinburgh Fringe and in London."Old Herbaceous" is a one-man present performed in an on-stage recreation that a gardeners' potting shed.There room thousands of various other examples.See additionally MONOLOGUE and SOLILOQUY.FleabagOld Herbaceous

OPERA1) european terminology definition Opera home - lavishly decorated proscenium theatre with orchestra pit. Watch TOSCA.2) musical form. Extremely dramatic and stylised kind where the text is totally sung.See also OPERETTA, OPERA HOUSE.

OPERETTAA short (often humourous) opera with songs (sometimes in one operatic style) and some spoken dialogue.The most famous are by Gilbert & Sullivan, some of which were an initial performed in ~ the Savoy Theatre in London.

PANTOMIME1) A pantomime (often shortened to Panto) is a musical-comedy family-orientated theatrical production traditionally perform in united Kingdom, Australia, new Zealand, Canada, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, south Africa, India, Ireland, Gibraltar, and Malta, at Christmas-time. The panto often functions slapstick or confusing comedy routines, children dancing, recent songs, spectacular sets and also colourful costumes, and is often themed approximately a fairy story or nursery rhymes.Popular pantos incorporate Cinderella, Aladdin, Jack and the Beanstalk, mommy Goose, resting Beauty, snow White and the seven Dwarfs, cock Whittington and His Cat, Puss in Boots etc.There are a number of traditions through panto, including that the baddie / villain must go into stage left, and also the goodie / fairy godmother must enter stage right. The colour eco-friendly is frequently used for the baddie, and pink because that the goodie. 2) Pantomime is one ancient kind of performance with no spoken words, regularly now shortened to 'Mime'.Puss in Boots, December 2013, Hackney empire - Audio Slideshow (The Guardian)

PERFORMANCE ARTAn interdisciplinary performance presented to an audience. The performance might be one of two people scripted or unscripted, random or very closely orchestrated; voluntarily or otherwise carefully planned with or there is no audience participation. The performance can be live or via media; the performer have the right to be existing or absent. It deserve to be any kind of situation that requires four straightforward elements: time, space, the performer"s body, or existence in a medium, and also a relationship between performer and also audience. Performance arts can occur anywhere, in any kind of venue or setting and for any kind of length of time. The action of an separation, personal, instance or a group at a specific place and in a particular time constitute the work.

PHYSICAL THEATREPhysical theatre is a genre of performance which provides use that the human body (as protest to the spoken word) together the primary way of performance and also communication with an audience. In utilizing the body, the show or actor will certainly concentrate on:The use of body shape and positionFacial expressionsRhythmical movement, pace and the energy of the bodyGesturePostureGaitPhysical theatre have the right to be distinquished from dance in the it tends to focus an ext on narrative, character and also action. However, the boundaries between the 2 are quite blurred.There are assorted styles and also genre of physics theatre. These include:Physical comedy - where the body is the primary method of comic creationMimeStomp- wherein the body, with outside objects, is supplied for that percussive potentialSome forms of puppetryCircusThe most well known institution committed to physics theatre is the Lecoq college in Paris. Students right here follow the an approach of Jacques Lecoq, which developed out that his experience of mask work, commedia dell'Arte and his interest in the physicality the performance.Definition indigenous Wikipedia - click for moreLecoq School

PROMENADEForm that staging whereby the audience moves about the performance an are and sees the play in ~ a selection of various locations. See likewise IMMERSIVE THEATRE.

SINAKULOA retelling of the story of Jesus Christ, performed each year throughout Holy week in lowland Philippines. Performed out by and for the ar in villages that watch this people drama tradition.See also secret PLAYS.

SITCOMShort for instance Comedy - a Radio or TV show featuring a regular cast of personalities who, each episode, uncover themselves in a different situation, with comic outcomes. Over there are regularly storylines or personality arcs which proceed alongside the weekly situations. Examples are Friends, The Office, will & Grace, Blackadder, Futurama, Fawlty Towers etc.

SITE-SPECIFIC THEATREA piece of power which has been design to occupational only in a particular non-theatre space. The room may have been adjusted to fit right into the themes or layout of the production. A site-sensitive (or space-sensitive) piece, on the various other hand, will not adapt the space, yet work through it's style and history to develop a item of performance. See likewise PROMENADE, immersive THEATRE, INSTALLATION.

SONGSHEETTraditional ending to a british Pantomime performance, usually including the Dame character encouraging the audience to sing together with a traditional (and/or silly) song that conveniently permits the stage administration team to set up the WALKDOWN, a typically spectacular finale to the performance. The text of the track are flown in, in prior of the frontcloth. This succession may likewise involve announcing any special travellers or audience birthdays, and possibly inviting a couple of youngsters to the phase to take component in the song.

SPECTACLEA theatrical performance using big scale scenery and effects to wow the audience. Popularised in victor times, castle featured water tanks, live animals, moving stages and aerial effects.

STASIMON(Greek Tragedy)A stationary song, composed of strophes and also antistrophes and also performed by the chorus in the orchestra, i m sorry ends every Episode.Wikipedia entry

THEATRE of CRUELTYTheatre of Cruelty is a type of theatre originally occurred by avant-garde French playwright, essayist, and also theorist Henry Becque.Antonin Artaud, some 50 years later, is additionally seen as a key contributor to the genre, especially with The Theatre and also its Double. Initially a member the the surrealist movement, Artaud eventually began to construct his own theatrical theories. The Theatre of Cruelty have the right to be viewed as a break from traditional Western theatre and also a way by i m sorry artists assault the senses that the audience, and enable them to feeling the unexpressed emotions the the subconscious. When Artaud was just able to produce one beat in his lifetime that reflected the tenets of the Theatre the Cruelty, the works of countless theatre artists reflect his theories. These artists incorporate Jean Genet, Jerzy Grotowski, and also Peter Brook. (from Wikipedia)Wikipedia entry

THEATRE that THE ABSURDThe Theatre that the Absurd is a post–World battle II designation for details plays the absurdist fiction written by a number of primarily europe playwrights in the so late 1950s. The is likewise a term because that the layout of theatre the plays represent. The plays focus largely on concepts of existentialism and express what wake up when person existence lacks definition or purpose and communication breaks down. The framework of the plays is typically a ring shape, v the finishing allude the exact same as the beginning point. Logical construction and also argument give means to irrational and illogical speech and to the can be fried conclusion—silence.Examples of absurdist plays incorporate Beckett's Waiting for Godot, Jean Genet's The Maids and also Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern space Dead.Wikipedia entry

TRAGEDYTragedy (from the Greek tragos which means 'goat' and oide which method 'song') is a kind of drama based upon human suffering that invokes in that audience an accompanying catharsis or pleasure in the viewing. While numerous cultures have arisen forms that provoke this paradoxical response, the ax tragedy often refers to a details tradition that drama that has played a unique and also important function historically in the self-definition of west civilization.

TRAGI-COMEDY / TRAGICOMEDYTragicomedy is a literary genre that blends aspects of both tragic and comic forms. Most often seen in dramatic literature, the term have the right to variously define either a tragic play which includes enough comic elements to lighten the in its entirety mood or a significant play through a happy ending.

TRAVERSEForm of staging where the audience is ~ above either next of the exhilaration area.Also recognized as ALLEY or path staging.See also IN THE ROUND, end ON, THRUST.

USITTUnited states Institute of Theatre Technology.Founded in 1960. Publisher of Theatre architecture and technology and Sightlines journals, which are obtainable online (see publications in the archive section).USITT Website

VAUDEVILLEA kind of light-hearted entertainment popular chiefly in the us in the at an early stage 20th century, special a mixture that speciality action such together burlesque comedy and also song and dance.

VECCHIOCategory of share character native Commedia dell'Arte - consists of the 'old man' characters: Il Dottore (the Doctor), Pantalone, Il Capitano (the Captain). Vecchio is the Italian word because that 'old'.

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ZARZUELAA Spanish lyric-dramatic genre that alternates between spoken and sung scenes, the latter incorporating operatic and also popular song, and dance.

A perform of indigenous relating to various forms of theatre, including play genres, artistic styles etc.Includes links to more in-depth information about Immersive Theatre, Pantomime, power Art and Spectacle.Words include: Agitprop, Brechtian, Burlesque,Dinner Theatre, Documentary Theatre, end On, epic Theatre, Expressionism, Farce, Forum Theatre, Futurism, cool Guignol, In the Round, Installation, legitimate Theatre, Melodrama, Metatheatre, Mime, miracle Play, Music Hall, secret Play, Naturlaism, Opera, Pantomime, performance Art, physics Theatre, Promenade, Revue, Sinakulo, Site-Specific Theatre, Songsheet, Spectacle etc.,

Keywords; varieties of plays, types play genres, category plays, species play genres, develops of theatre, thetrical forms, various theatre forms, different theatrical forms, various forms that theatres