131. All that the complying with qualitative considerations may impact upon resources investment analysis except: A. manufacturing productivityB. manufacturing sunk costC. manufacturing flexibilityD. market opportunities


132. All that the adhering to qualitative considerations may affect upon resources investment analysis except: A. time value of moneyB. employee moraleC. the influence on product qualityD. manufacturing flexibility


133. Which the the complying with provisions of the interior Revenue Code have the right to be offered to minimize the lot of the income tax expense emerging from resources investment projects? A. Deductions because that individualsB. Depreciation deductionC. Minimum taxation provisionD. Charitable contributions


134. Assume in analyzing alternative proposals that Proposal F has actually a beneficial life of 6 years and Proposal J has actually a valuable life of nine years. What is one commonly used technique that makes the proposals comparable? A. Ignore the truth that Proposal F has actually a helpful life of 6 years and treat it as if it has actually a valuable life of nine years.B. Adjust the life of Proposal J come a time period that is equal to that of Proposal F by estimating a residual value at the finish of year six.C. Ignore the advantageous lives of six and nine years and also find an average (7 1/2 years).D. Ignore the advantageous lives of six and nine years and compute the mean rate the return.


135. Periods gradually that experience boosting price level are recognized as durations of: A. inflationB. recessionC. depressionD. deflation


136. Which the the complying with is not taken into consideration as a complicating aspect in capital investment decisions? A. Income taxB. Lease versus resources investmentC. Equal proposed livesD. Qualitative considerations


137. Which that the complying with would not be considered a good managerial device in make a decision for determining a resources investment? A. Further evaluate assets that space dissimilar in nature or have different advantageous lives.B. Using only quantitative steps to purchase an asset.C. Analyzing the lease vs acquisition option.D. Considering revenue tax ramifications.


138. All of the following are factors that might complicate funding investment evaluation except: A. possible leasing alternatives.B. changes in price levels.C. sunk costs.D. federal revenue tax ramifications.


139. The procedure by which management allocates obtainable investment funds among competing invest proposals is called: A. investment capitalB. investment rationingC. cost-volume-profit analysisD. capital rationing


140. In funding rationing, an initial screening of different proposals is commonly performed by creating minimum standards. Which of the complying with evaluation method(s) are regularly used? A. Cash payback an approach and mean rate the return methodB. Average rate of return method and net current value methodC. Net present value an approach and cash payback methodD. Internal price of return and net current value methods