Theforce per unit areais calledpressure. It is denoted byP.TheSI unit that pressureis thepascal (Pa).It is ascalar quantity because the press acts in all directions at a point inside a gas.The an easy formula forpressureis given by:

( mPressure (P) = frac mForce (F) mArea (A))

mm Hg unit that Pressure

mm Hg unit of push is the pressure equivalent toIt the extra press exerted by the mercury shaft ofone-millimetre high mercury.1mm Hg = 133.322387415 pascals


The torr is another unit of pressure.It is equivalentto 1/760 of one atmosphere.The unit of press was named after Evangelista Torricelli, an Italian Scientist.

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So, Pressure, MM Hg and Torr, all room units that pressure.Newton is no the unit that pressure. That is the unit the force.So, the correct option is Newton.
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