The ax 'Acid' is used to describethe chemistry nature of building materials that are sour in taste.

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Curd, lemon juice, orange juice, and also vinegar taste sour andthe cake taste is due to their acidic nature, for this reason termed as ACIDS.The native acid comes from the Latin word 'ACERE' which method sour.DEFINITION OF acids - An acid is divide chemically as a substancethat dissolves and also donates proton or hydrogen ions to a solution.


Any hydrogen-containing substance (yielding hydrogen ion).Capable of donating a proton (hydrogen ion) to one more substance is referred to as an acid.An acid is essentially a molecule that can donate an H+ ion while continuing to be energetically favorable after shedding H+.Acids have a cake taste for example - lemon juice andvinegar.Acidsinaqueous services are electrolytes, which way they conduct an electrical current. Part acids are heavy electrolytes because they completely ionize in water, developing a huge number that ions. Various other acids space weak electrolytes that, when dissolved in water, exist mainly in a non-ionized state.The pH range of mountain is less 보다 7. solution with indicators -LITMUS PAPERTurns blue litmus toredRed litmus ramins red

Looking in ~ the nature of acids, it can be watched that - They have a sour taste, lock yield hydrogen ion and donate protons, hence these 3 statements space correctexcept the explain where it states that acids turn red litmus come blue due to the fact that now we know that acids room substances that revolve blue litmus come red and red litmus simply remains red.


LITMUS PAPERRed litmus continues to be red.Blue litmus transforms to red.NO CHANGERed litmus changes to blueBlue litmus continues to be blue.




Litmus file is record that has actually been treated through a certain indicator—a mixture the 10 to 15 organic dyes obtained from lichens (primarily Roccella tinctoria) that revolve red in the presence of mountain (pH 7).The dye is purple when the pH is neutral (pH = 7).It is used as an indicator to detect whether a details substance is acidic or straightforward in nature.


Acids are vital for the ideal functioning the the person body.There room different species of acids uncovered in the human body.


Released by our stomach because that creating an acidic environment for the to work of pepsin.Kills germs or harmful pathogens in ours food due to its extremely acidic nature, make the setting of the stomach unfit for the pathogens to survive.

2. AMINO acids -

These are the straightforward building block that proteins.Proteins space essential for the growth and maintenance of our body, hence amino acids makes the formation of proteins possible.

3. Fatty ACIDS -

Fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, are super important when it comes to your health.Fatty acids room an essential component of all of your cells, creating a structure known as the phospholipid double layer of our cell membrane.Your body would certainly actually loss apart if this structure was not intact, together it helps in the structural maintenance of human cells.Fatty acids incorporate with glycerol to formfats are essential for energy storage in ours body.

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4. Nucleic ACIDS -

They are crucial to every life forms including that of humansMaking the straightforward building structure of our existence, which is DNA and also RNA, nucleic acids room naturally occurring chemical link that role as the main information-carrying molecules in cells and comprise the genetic material.