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No issue how countless gods you"ve slain or how plenty of planets you"ve rescued, sometimes you simply really require some Destiny 2 Alkane Dust. We"ve all been that Guardian scrambling to upgrade their favorite pants, just to uncover their perfect loadout clogged by a shortage of... Floating reddish stuff. In fact, we"ve been that Guardian so plenty of times the we placed together a brief guide on the most efficient ways to get Alkane Dust so the you"ll never be brief on the again.

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Found top top the water-logged moon the Titan, Destiny 2 Alkane Dust is obtainable in a few different forms. Individual pieces have the right to be found dotted approximately the level, and hunting them under isn’t too difficult thanks to Titan’s small size (you can uncover a perform of your hiding locations on the 2nd page of this guide). These disgusting balls-of-nope can also be got by completing Bounties, recognize chests, and finishing Patrols or windy Events.

The latter is the quickest method of gaining Alkane Dust in bulk. First, visit Sloane in Siren’s Watch and also pick up each of her daily Bounties. These have tendency to be simple missions like acquiring 30 grenade death or destroying a certain number of enemies using Arc damage, because that example. Perfect a Bounty it s okay you 10 Alkane Dust, and also this is the highest possible pay-out available on Titan. However, you’ve acquired to finish whichever Bounty you choose up within 24 hours.

Once you’ve grabbed Sloane’s Bounties, head come the nearest windy Event. Back taking component in them just gets friend 2 Alkane Dust (regardless of whether it’s Heroic or not), you have the right to usually be perfect those Bounties in ~ the same time. Make sure you’ve accepted any kind of kill-based Patrols surrounding as well (represented through the white triangle when you pull out your Ghost). Girlfriend can complete these if fighting in a windy Event, obtaining 2 much more Alkane Dust in the process. Rinse and also repeat because that a totality ton that Dust.

For an even more lucrative trip to Titan, equip the Moon of Saturn Ghost shell that friend received throughout the Destiny 2 campaign. This highlights foe treasure chests once you obtain within 30 metres, and also they lug 2 much more Alkane Dust each. Grabbing this randomly-spawning chests as you make your method between Public events should give you all the Dust you need. Helpfully, the shell additionally marks the end individual Alkane Dust nodes on friend radar once you’re close.

Meanwhile, make region Chests a priority if friend haven’t discovered them every yet. These gold loot caches network you 6 Alkane Dust a pop, and also they’re not all that challenging to hunt under – they’re somewhere close to the overcome symbol on your Director. If you desire to discover them quickly, examine out our guide.

The same is true of shed Sectors, back these are slightly much more work. A semi-circle authorize will it is in daubed on her map and part of the environment near a an enig entrance, and this leader to daunting foes guarding one more chest. Beating them and also opening said chest earns friend 4 Alkane Dust. As before, check out our valuable guide if girlfriend need assist pinning this Sectors down.

Of course, you can always bypass this legwork and also go straight to the Spider on the Tangled coast if you’d prefer. He often sells Alkane Dust to those with the cash to pay because that it, but be warned – the price is steep and also it changes on a everyday basis.

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