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In direct and indirect questions, indigenous such as who or when usually relocate to the prior of the i or sentence that they take place in. Why execute I say move? Well, although that is much less common, with straight questions you deserve to leave them in the same ar that they would be in a standard affirmative sentence:

You room going where? You space going when?You space doing what?

Compare this v the common question forms:

Where room you walking ? When room you going?What are you doing?

Note that when we move the concern word to the prior of a straight question we need to reverse the subject and also the assistant verb. (Sometimes the -wh indigenous will already be in ~ the front: who shot JR: here we won"t get any inversion).

Often, the concern word will be the match of a preposition, for instance with or by:

You"re food preparation it with what?You"re walking to finish it by when?

If we want to placed questions prefer this in a typical question type we have a choice: we can either relocate the preposition and also the inquiry word (the match of the preposition):

With what are you food preparation it?By when room you walking to finish it?

-or you deserve to just relocate the inquiry word:

What space you cooking it with?When room you going to end up it by?

These last instances exemplify what grammarians call "stranded prepositions". The reason for this is that the preposition which governs the concern word has actually been left behind at the finish of the sentence. There used to be a myth that it to be ungrammatical to finish a sentence v a preposition. However, a inspection of the greatest and also most skilful writers in ivorycrimestory.com will present this to be a lie.

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Contemporary grammarians and also other linguists have actually spent years having fun ridiculing this idea.

In her examples, the interrogative phrase is component of an indirect question. The concern word right here must relocate to the prior of the clause, but whether the preposition goes through it is totally up come you!