Earlier this week, video clip streaming business Netflix burned its rival, Hulu, top top Twitter v the line “Welcome to her tape.” It’s a reference to the Netflix series 13 reasons Why, whose central character, Hannah Baker, has committed suicide and has left behind videotaped messages for everyone she blames for she death. And also now “Welcome to her tape” is additionally a popular, but very problematic, meme.

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Welcome to her tape https://t.co/juAMcd0jjU

— Netflix us (
netflix) April 18, 2017

In the show, Hannah offers the expression to welcome every of the culpable next to the story that what lock did to her. But online, it’s become a joking way to show that something or someone renders you want to death yourself. Usually, the circumstances are comedically trivial, and also “welcome to your tape” is offered in the same sense as the hyperbolic “fuck my life.” It might be the someone took her favorite ice cream flavors:


Or McDonald’s is out of shakes:

Hannah Baker: deserve to I obtain a milkshake?McDonald's: sorry out maker is brokenHannah Baker: Welcome to your tape #13ReasonsWhy

— Trending Tweets (
trendy__tweets) April 20, 2017

Or that the guacamole costs extra:


Or girlfriend don’t have a pencil as soon as you require one:


Or that the British prime minister has actually moved come trigger Brexit. (To be fair, that one’s more than just a minor inconvenience.)

Theresa May, 11:15am: Britain, welcome to her tape. Pic.twitter.com/k7jvWj68ov

— josh Baldwin (
Josh__B_xx) April 18, 2017

There’s even a popular meme image of Hannah Baker together internet-famous cook Salt Bae, simply sprinkling tapes on world left and also right:

Mom: you're 17 years old! girlfriend don't need an Easter basket

Me: welcome to your tape https://t.co/YXLDbGtSZs

— 13 factors Why (
13ReasonsShow) April 15, 2017

It’s no always about exaggerating minor disappointments, though. It’s likewise being provided to joke about the very recent real-life suicide of former NFL player (and judge murderer) Aaron Hernandez, with this tweet blaming Hernandez’s fatality on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady:


But references to suicide, no matter just how obviously they’re exaggerated, room a step past merely saying “fuck mine life.” because that many, the “welcome to your tape” joke are past the pale, and possibly also dangerous.


STOP !! POSTING no WELCOME !! TO !! your !! tape !! mim !! it's disrespectful no depression and also suicide aren't funny !!

— em ⚢ (
MONSTERDODlE) April 16, 2017

Some mental health specialists have even referred to as the show itself “risky” and suggested it could lead to an increase in teen suicides, therefore it’s no surprising the people believe the joke aren’t helping.

But jokes about suicide and depression, for much better or worse, room a longstanding and also inextricable part of image culture. There’s a totality genre the memes, specifically popular top top Reddit, whereby the punchline is that the poster desires to die. Here’s a tiny sampling indigenous this mainly alone:


There appear to be two main drivers behind this phenomenon. One is that the society of image incubators choose 4chan and Reddit tends toward attack jokes and a basic opposition come “political correctness.” It’s an environment where young males act choose “edgelords” and enjoy seeing what taboos castle can obtain away with breaking. Joking around suicide is hardly shocking in the underbelly of picture culture, wherein racism and also “Hitler go nothing wrong” joke are component of a balanced diet.

The second, an ext interesting motivation is that there’s a tiny bit of fact in jokes. Currently that mim have progressed into a primary means the self-expression online, it’s organic to use them to broach difficult topics, like depression, that would otherwise be difficult to carry up. The interaction is sometimes stilted, and viewed from outside meme culture, these suicide references look crass. But for several of the human being making the memes, what appear to be a bunch of dumb Spongebob and Star Wars images might be a valuable way of placing themselves the end there and also finding they’re no alone in your feelings.

Most the the “welcome to your tape” jokes space something else, though. Rather than commiserating about life through depression and also suicidal thoughts, they’re an ext about wildly overreacting to day-to-day situations. Sure, overreactions deserve to be funny, however the hoax also carry the troubling implication that human being who take it their very own lives are simply being dramatic. That’s opposing of what 13 reasons Why intended. The show’s creator, Brian Yorkey, has said he tried come be “very clear the there is nothing, in any type of way, worthwhile around suicide.”

anyone who renders "welcome to her tape" jokes totally missed the entire point of the show

— inaya – black LIVES issue (
Inayashariff11) April 21, 2017

If friend think the Welcome To her Tape jokes and memes are funny climate you to let go the entire suggest of 13 factors Why

— sarai (
Sarairai621) April 20, 2017

There room some that argue, though, that the “welcome to the tape” meme is proof the the present failed in its therapy of suicide, inadvertently glamorizing it and branding it v a catchphrase.

I know what 13rw to be trying 2 attain but ns don't think it operated considering the amount of "welcome to her tape" jokes I've heard

— kia heart hater (
Iadiebrd) April 20, 2017



You should understand thirteen reasons why wasn't successful when welcome to her tape is a fucking meme. Mental disease isn't a joke.

— J (
JWilliams2729) April 21, 2017

It is possible, however, to know the troubles with the “welcome to her tape” jokes—or even be suicidal yourself—and still uncover them funny. Return most world talking around the picture on Twitter have come out together strongly pro- or anti-, a smaller team has found they feeling a little bit of both:

brb trying to reconcile my hate of 13 reasons why and also my love of this "welcome to her tape" jokes

— anna borges (
annabroges) April 18, 2017



It seems the just consensus around this picture is that it’s a huge cultural phenomenon. 13 factors Why is already the most-tweeted-about original present in Netflix history—the jokes certainly contributed to that, however they’re also a byproduct the the show’s popularity. As much as world like to hem and also haw about the death of old media, TV is still one of the most an effective forces in net culture, and repeating TV estimates is tho a reliable substitute for a feeling of humor. It’s unpreventable that any repeated expression that anchors a significant show will come to be a meme, no matter exactly how dark the context.

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For much more information around suicide avoidance or come speak with someone confidentially, contact the nationwide Suicide avoidance Lifeline (U.S.) or Samaritans (U.K.).