" and I looked it up in the matlab documentation, yet I did not uncover it come be really helpfull. Can somebody describe to me what the does and also when/how I want to usage it ?


1. While developing a function, you create it in a .m record and conserve it in the MATLAB route somewhere. However Anonymous attributes can be developed from the command heat without a script.

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2. A function handle can point to a function that is not in border at the moment of execution. For example, the duty can it is in a subfunction in another M-file.
Please use these web links for much more insight right into the benefits of using duty handles and also anonymous functions
https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/MATLAB_Programming/Portable_Functions http://matlab.izmiran.ru/help/techdoc/creating_plots/hg_obj48.html


They space not essential in Python: unlike MATLAB every duty must be called using bracket (even if lock contain no inputs), and so the duty name (without parentheses) can simply be passed around as a variable (e.g. As input argument, assigned to another variable, etc.). You don"t require to add anything else, just use the role name.

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