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Disadvantages that A counter Deposit

Ok, so now that I have laid out the key benefits that a counter deposit, let’s dive into a few of the disadvantages.

At the optimal of the list, we have the inconvenience factor. These days, between PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, mobile Deposits, direct Deposits and also ACH Transfers, there’s almost no factor to ever before make a deposit at the bank.

Seriously, on the rare chance that someone whips the end their checkbook (what is this, 2005?) and also pays friend the old-fashioned way, you have the right to just grab her phone, snap a rapid photo and deposit the check before you take another step.

With that kind of convenience, why would certainly waste the gas it takes to drive to the bank and also do the exact same thing in-person? (Well, ns guess it would certainly be for the reasons I pointed out earlier. But that’s next to the point.)

On peak of all that, anytime you make a respond to deposit, you are risking among my least favorite points on this planet… waiting in line. Ok, call me impatient, yet it seems favor every time ns go come the bank to make a deposit, I finish up stuck behind someone trying to counting all the coins they’ve saved-up because that the last 30 years.

Look, I appreciate all your difficult work saving all that money, but I have a meeting in 30 minutes, and also I still desire to hit increase Chick-fil-A for having lunch (not the drive-through, of course, because, talk about a line). Ns digress.

Getting back to the main point, counter deposits space much much less convenient 보다 the various other options available to us these days. Still, I’ll take it the inconvenience that a line over the assumed of an ATM eating my money.

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Quick Summary

To amount things up, when you check out the phrase ‘counter credit’ top top your financial institution statement, you have actually nothing to problem about. It’s just a reference to one in-person deposit make ‘over the counter’ in ~ your financial institution or financial institution.

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