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Wendy Williams is sharing the tricks to her impressive 50-pound weight loss over the last 3 years.

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The constantly outspoken 51-year-old talk show host opened up around her diet and also exercise program in a video clip chat with her pan on Monday, and also credits cutting the end meat and also eating smaller sections for her noticeable slim-down.

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"Out of all the crazy diet I"ve ever before been on, no one have ever been as reliable as, "Just press back, fatso." and stop eating so much," Wendy claims bluntly. "The extra sauces, like, tunafish doesn"t require so much Miracle Whip ... And so much cheese!"

"I cut ago -- no sleek sugars," she adds. "Dairy is out. Ns do miss out on eggs though. But I"ve picked up part other great habits choose juicing, and also kale."

Wendy says she doesn"t "eat after dark," and has found plenty of healthy substitutions prefer eating kale chips rather of potato chips, and drinking coconut water rather of mountain Pellegrino soda, i m sorry she claims she used to it is in "addicted to."

"I don"t love food as lot as I supplied to," she admits.

As for functioning out, Wendy says her routine is composed of mainly cardio, as well as Pilates.

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"I walk to the gym because it"s not around me losing weight in ~ this point, it"s around me trying come fight heart disease," she explains.

Lastly, she stressed the it"s crucial to remember that "slow and steady is the surname of the game."

"It"s no gonna take place overnight," she says. "I no longer think in fad diets, crash diets, i don"t think in diet pills."

"Yes, i did have a jump-start since years back I did gain the liposuction and also the tummy tuck, but I have to say that, if over there is a poster son for plastic surgery and also the jump-off come a brand-new lifestyle, it would certainly be me," she later on acknowledges. "1994 I got this done. And also I"m thinner currently than I"ve ever before been."

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Earlier this month, actor john Goodman debuted his very own stunning load loss on the red carpet in ~ the BFI London movie Festival. Clock below:

John Goodman Debuts Dramatic load Loss -- check out the Pics!

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