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In the very anticipated sequel, which was influenced by Steve Harvey's best-selling publication Act like a Lady, Think like a Man, every the couples are earlier for a wedding in ras Vegas. Yet plans for a romantic weekend walk awry when their assorted misadventures gain them into some compromising cases that threaten to derail the huge event.
La La Anthony, Michael Ealy, Jerry Ferrara, Meagan Good, Regina Hall, Taraji P. Henson, Terrence J, Jenifer Lewis, Romany Malco, Gabrielle Union, Kevin Hart
Critics Consensus: Think favor a man Too reunites the predecessor's talented cast, however fails to take their characters in new or amazing directions.

The advice contained within has much more Hart 보다 actual heart and is unlikely to provide much self-help, yet has the same kind that bland appeal together its predecessor.




We get an ext and much more and excruciatingly much more of the same, shovelled shamelessly at united state in the really hopes that Hart deserve to somehow do it funny. Well, the can't.

This sequel is inferior to the initial in every method imaginable, wasting the talented cast in a series of lazy plot threads that only feel prefer an excuse to grab a couple of more bucks before the fine runs dry.

The corridor is back, ready to rock las Vegas because that a wild wedding weekend in the regularly hilarious if always cliched sequel Think choose a male Too.

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Parents need to know that Think prefer a man Too is the sequel come 2012's popular relationship comedy Think favor a Man, and, like the original, the has enough sexual humor and content (foreplay, kissing, duty playing, skimpy outfits) to do it an iffy selection for younger or immature teens. However for enlarge teens and adults, it's in reality a really pro-monogamy, pro-marriage comedy that concentrates on what's necessary in a healthy and balanced relationship: honesty and also communication. There's a good bit of strong language ("a--hole," "s--t," "p---y") and alcohol use and an inadvertently pot-fueled bachelorette party (the marijuana is in what looks like breath mints). Given the subject matter and also the '90s references and cameos, this movie is likely to be much more fun for Gen-X adults 보다 teens.