The flash Season 3 episode 11

Well, right here we go again. An additional solid illustration of The Flash. Ho-hum.

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If I need to be honest, “Dead or Alive” felt prefer a bit of a action down from the recent string of superior episodes. Yet for real, that could just it is in because roughly 3/4ths that this season has just to be so over and beyond my expectations that it’s made that tougher top top installments choose this one. 

There’s nothing wrong with “Dead or Alive.” I just never yes, really felt the crest of it, and I feel like it brought the stress and anxiety level of the last couple of down a little. That’s fine, and also it’s understandable. In its defense, though, ns wouldn’t call this formulaic, and yet again, The Flash has discovered ways to make even the illustration that have actually less to do with the main story feel fresh.

I to be all set to blow this illustration to bits. The “Christmas came early” line…what hackery is this? yet then ns realized it was intentional hackery to help collection up HR’s little fictions, and suddenly every was forgiven. Us were due because that an illustration that really explored HR and also Cisco’s relationship, and “Dead or Alive” was a fine means to carry out it. I still think that even with what us learned around him and also his planet 19 crimes, there’s still more we’re not privy to, but I think I’ve ultimately put those Abra Kadabra whispers in mine head to remainder once and for all. Maybe.

And honestly, deserve to I really dislike on a Cisco-centric episode? No. No i cannot. There’s too much fun come be had actually here, the Vibe costume is completely too cool, and I think i bought the chemistry v Carlos Valdes and also Jessica Camacho, too.

In fact, let me earlier this up because that a moment. Jessica Camacho guest starred as DC Comics hero Gypsy tonight, and I think it’s for sure to say that she might slide right into this actors of regulars. Perhaps by the time The Flash Season 4 rolls approximately there will certainly be room for Gypsy in ~ STAR Labs. Failing that, she can probably carry out some quality work-related as component of the Legends the Tomorrow team next year. 

I wasn’t to buy Iris’ reporter quest this week, mostly due to the fact that I feel that element of her character has actually remained sorely underdeveloped for eras now. Lois lane she ain’t. But then lock threw me a curve through her newfound fearlessness because, in her very own words, “I don’t die till May.” That’s a helluva means to look at things, and also I suspect we haven’t viewed the last of this attitude from her. Ns wonder how else this will influence (or infect) other members of the team in the leadup come the big finale?

Plus, Iris set up two classic Joe West comic timing moments, v “the talk” when Wally snooped around, and Joe’s “hell no, I’m no cool v this” when he finds out just how close Iris concerned bringing about her very own doom. Let’s no forget, Joe isn’t in ~ above a lot of what’s walking on. I’m sure that’s walk to occupational out just fine for anyone involved.

Wally’s simple confidence as child Flash is yes, really something, and also I feel prefer every mainly Keiynan Lonsdale becomes an ext at house in this role. Ns could totally see this kid Flash hanging out with a variation of the teenager Titans, and I’d be really curious to check out what happens if we reach a allude where he has to step up and headline this present for awhile. The entirety thing v Flashes is that tradition is important, and also it would be amazing if in a few seasons Barry has to step down and also Wally i do not care the show’s main character. We’re no there yet, and won’t be for part time, however I’m starting to think we’d be in good hands if that happened.

But the quiet beauty of this episode is in how Barry simply hangs earlier for so much of it. As soon as he tries to gain too actively involved, that blows it. The remainder of the time, he allows Wally and also Cisco take it the lead, completely cementing his function as leader and also really acquisition the shackles off them in terms of their own heroic potential. This is a substantial deal, together we’ve watched Barry has actually a propensity to it is in something the a workaholic, and also in his own way, a control freak. To trust me, I understand it once I view it. We recognize our own.

It feels prefer every mainly I’m asking the concern of whether or not this is the finest season that The Flash ever. We’re just about at the halfway point, and I’m feeling an ext and more confident through the prospect of saying yes to this.

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Flash Facts!

– Gypsy was part of the most hated version of the Justice organization ever, the legend “Detroit era” of the team. Incidentally, every member of the team other than Elongated Man has made that onto the CW now. Ns bet girlfriend anything we gain Elongated man next year.

She…looks nothing at all like her original comic book version. That’s no a bad thing:


– Gypsy and Vibe finished up in CatCo on earth 38 (where Supergirl bring away place) through poor Miss Teschmacher looking on. The was a nice touch. 

– so what the hell was that other human being they ended up on? The wrong moon in the skies reminded me of Wegthor, among the moons that Krypton (which was even visible in guy of Steel), so ns wonder: was this Krypton? Or simply some horrible alternating Earth? Is this the planet after The an excellent Disaster? Is this Kamandi’s Earth? divine moley, go the CW DC Universe just put Kamandi in continuity?!?

– the Vibe costume is quite rad. The looks a ton like the neat duds that wore in his short-lived (and underrated) solo series:


– speak of outfits, to be Barry attract the same outfit he was as soon as we an initial met him back in Arrow Season 2?

– through that “I don’t die until May” crack, we have our first acknowledgment in a while the the present takes location in genuine time. At the very least we know approximately what the season finale is about!