Texas A&M make the efforts to avoid a trap and extend its unbeaten record against South Carolina to 8-0 on Saturday
Texas A&M and also South Carolina met as football foes because that the first time in 2014, not lengthy after the Aggies join the SEC, and also ivorycrimestory.comnce then, A&M has actually won 7 straight.

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New Gamecocks coach Shane Beamer has injected energy and pasivorycrimestory.comon earlier into this program, and also it sure necessary it. But will the be sufficient to end the streak in 2021?

With every the excited from the Aggies' uncomfortable of Alabama in week 6 moving over, is there a posivorycrimestory.combility the Gamecocks are a trap video game for A&M?

That Alabama victory retained A&M  in the hunt because that an SEC championship appearance, yet two things should happen: Alabama has to lose at the very least one much more game and the Aggies should win out.

South Carolina has struggled against the SEC in 2021 through 4 games through losses come Georgia, Kentucky and also Tennessee, and a close success over Vanderbilt. The Gamecocks desperately require a victory to build some momentum because that Beamer and also his program.

But a catch game? cynical the way Aggies coach Jimbo Fisher has had his team ready the previous two weeks.

Now it's time for the AllAggies staff to make their game predictions for once Texas A&M welcomes the southern Carolina Gamecocks come Kyle ar in week 8:

Matt Galatzan - South Carolina had actually a fun win last week. This week versus the Aggies, they confront a various animal. I mean the Aggies to conquer both ivorycrimestory.comdes of the ball and also move on to their third straight win.

Texas A&M 31, southern Carolina 10

Cole Thompson - Sure, Zeb Noland is a an excellent story. He's a guy lastly getting his shoot to start after five years of ivorycrimestory.comt the bench. Then again, the Gamecocks barely win Vanderbilt. 

This is a 21-point spread. I'm not a pan of that because of the method the violation still feel inconivorycrimestory.comstent. Then again, have to the Aggies success by less than 10 points, there's still long-term pertains to for the programs opportunity of make a brand-new Year's ivorycrimestory.comx Bowl game. 

Texas A&M 28, south Carolina 10




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Matthew Postins - The Aggies space on a two-game winning streak in SEC action, and also they'll take on a Gamecocks team that just beat Vanderbilt (by one point). However that's south Carolina's just win in SEC play for this reason far, and also I don't see the Gamecocks gaining their 2nd SEC success this weekend. 

The Aggies have actually a nice groove going and also I can see this one acquiring out of hand.

Texas A&M 37, south Carolina 20

Timm Hamm - Can south Carolina finish the Aggies' to win streak against them? Yes. If every little thing for the Gamecocks goes perfect there's a opportunity that might happen. Will it ~ above Saturday? Unlikely.

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Look for A&M's defense to dominate at the line of scrimmage. The running duo of Devon Achane and also Isaiah Spiller should break free all end the south Carolina defense to masivorycrimestory.comve gains.

Texas A&M 35, south Carolina 13

Art Garcia  - This is claimed to it is in Aggies' rival in the SEC East, yet it's never ever really felt the way. Previous A&M athletic director Eric Hyman hosted the same post at southern Carolina, but small else tie the programs together. (Yes, there's a trophy connected in this game.)

As much as football, the Aggies have actually too plenty of weapons and too much momentum v a home game. This is the first time the 12th Man has actually seen that is team at home because Alabama. They're in because that a show.