Hey! just made one! You deserve to now uncover it here: x(Or athttps://ivorycrimestory.com/masterlist)

hello again! i just thought of one more one (sorry!) could u perform one through fantasy/mythical creatures? (mermaids, satyrs, dragons, centaurs, the whole shebang)

Hi! simply posted it! you can uncover it here: x. Hope you like it! ^-^

(Also, yes, this blog is still kinda sometimes active. Possibly I’ll answer an ext asks, perhaps I won’t. That knows?)

Loves the ocean. Very popular. Deserve to be destructive ifthe mood strikes them. Not very self-conscious. Confident in everything theydo. Falls in love easily.

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Satyr: Probably drinks a little too much. Constantly hear tomusic. Wild hair. Dances anywhere they are. Enjoys nature and being ~ above theirown. Occasionally slightly obscene.

Dragon: Intelligent. Sleeps a lot. An extremely possessive. Scary whenangered. Little of a hothead. An extremely fortunate. Help those they choose a lot.

Centaur: Untamed and also wild. Great fighter. An extremely strong. Sometimescomes forth as a little barbaric. Has a hidden musical side.

Fairy: Carefree spirit. Has actually a dark side. Likes to traction devilish pranks. Lovesnature. Smarter than world give them credit transaction for. Never ever seems come sleep.

Werewolf: Night owl. Will certainly fight girlfriend if needed. Wolfish grins.Sleeps the job away. Close to their friends and also family. Actually very loving.

species of people species of girls types of boys fantasy creature mermaid satyrs dragon centaurs fairies werewolves tag you yourself aesthetic written aesthetic i'm satyr ig idk anymore but additionally look an actual species of people thing haven't posted one in months however here we space
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Anonymous asked:

gained an idea for ya, city people. LA, brand-new York, London ,Chicago , Tokyo ect

I currently did other similar(my very an initial post actually). Friend can discover it here: x.

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blingontheblock asked:

might you do different varieties of people based upon songs from against The Current"s Infinity EP?

Done! i hope you prefer it! you can uncover it here: x.

I really enjoyed their music, it to be my first time listening come them, so give thanks to you for presenting me to them. ^-^

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Against The Current’s Infinity EP

Infinity:Wants to live moredangerously. Big dreams. Knows every little thing is just fleeting yet wants to changeit. Wishing on shoot stars. Little bit of a deliberate heartbreaker. Late nights onrooftops.

SomethingYou Need: Late summer nights. Missesold relationships. Acquisition control. Knows their worth. Lazing about on warm days.Slow, large smiles. Going earlier home ~ a lengthy time.

ComebackKid: Doing something tosurvive. Bad past but smiling in any case. Doesn’t require anyone to save them. Cuttingtoxic people out of their lives. Proud the themselves and also how much they’ve come.

AnotherYou (Another Way): Changingfor the better. Realises once something’s wrong. Knows what they require in theirlife. Standing ago up. Relocating on from your mistakes.

Closer,Faster: Falling in love. Nightsspent under the stars. Contempt impatient. Optimistic. Dreaming around their happilyever after. Dancing barefoot through the human being they love.

i'm infinity i suppose idk males i'm so sorry for the quality not yes, really happy with exactly how this come out however oh well ns did it and i'm actually ultimately posting miscellaneous again against the existing infinity ep what??? an actual varieties of human being post??? what a shock types of people varieties of girls species of guys
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Hiya! deserve to you try a varieties of human being for flowers?

I already did it! friend can discover it here: x. ^-^

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Types of people: Roses


White rose: faint smiles. Flowers in your hair. Blushing. Doodles in the spare of books. Tough work with tiny repayment. Old soul. Sleek clothing.

Yellow rose: heat hugs. Tucking hair behind ears. Sunny days. Freshly small cookies. Self-made flower crowns. The odor of grass. Tickle fights.

Red rose: Loves easily. I was sure strides. Talk loudly. Animal leather jackets. To sing off key. Whispered secrets. Declarations of love.

Pink rose: Soft smiles. Flirting. Gets their heart broken easily. Old record. Vintage aesthetics. Innocent. Always kind.

Orange rose: Colourful closet. Sophisticated stories. Man hand gestures. Stickers spanning everything. Huge cakes. Negative at lying. Loves sunsets.

Green rose: Dirty hands. Leaves in their hair. Loud laugh. Leather bound books. Potted plants. Doesn’t like being called what to do. Slim dipping.

Peach rose: Typewriters. Soothing voice. Small sketches ~ above napkins. Keeps a lot of secrets. Quiet. Shy. Enjoys safety time with civilization they love.

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Lavender rose: fragrant candles. Dancing in the rain. Humming softly. New ideas. Only shares points with people close come them. Forgetful. Repaint on your clothing.