Join our community of trouble solvers, academics, and also inventors who usage the scientific method to breakthrough our expertise of the world.

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Two Sigma interns come from a variety of backgrounds, yet share pundit curiosity, passion for math, science, and technology, and a desire to perform impactful work.

The two Sigma Scientist

We lug the brightest minds native all parts of the civilization to collaborate on tough problems, learn from every other, and development our understanding of the world.

We bring together scientists, engineers, and also academics to help us seek connections in worldwide markets.

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we work hard to ensure ours workforce is inclusive that a broad selection of perspectives. We believe this at some point leads to better outcomes by promoting a society of learning and also innovation, and encouraging considerable decision making.

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our collaborative atmosphere will have actually you innovating together pioneers in statistics, dispersed computing, gaue won markets, and also countless other disciplines.

We desire to aid everyone below grow and get better. And also as our company gets bigger, the avenues for teaching, growth, and mobility multiply.

Roles and also Teams

We have selection of tasks in both technical and also non-technical areas—work with one group, have actually a hand in another. Our collaborative environment will have you innovating together pioneers in statistics, distributed computing, financial markets, and other company disciplines.


Engineers make up the bulk of the employee populace at two Sigma, which surprised me as soon as I interviewed. Engineers are very much evaluate here. And it’s not just appreciation of the work, yet knowing the difficulty of the work, and also culturally knowledge the duty of an engineer. 2 Sigma understands engineers.

Platform Engineer

functioning in engineering at 2 Sigma girlfriend will:

develop the tools and also technologies that allow us to scale. Solve complicated engineering difficulties to revolve data into action. Learn an ext
What ns like about being a researcher in this market is you see outcomes in an extremely quantitative ways. What i like about working at 2 Sigma is the nuance involved. We’re fixing for clinical questions, we value the statistics rigor essential to solve complex problems. This way we’re not merely solving for "improved results", we’re striving for interpretable results. The subtlety is necessary to me.

Quantitative Researcher

functioning in Quantitative research study at 2 Sigma friend will:

develop inspired ideas through scientific thinking, curiosity, and also precision. Systematically test and expand hypotheses to shape company strategy. Discover open roles
The lot of data we occupational with is impressive. The varieties of data we occupational with is unparalleled. We’re not just analyzing financial data sets, we’re assessing the application of a wide selection of alternative data, structured and unstructured, come predict quantitative and financial outcomes.

Data Scientist

working in Data scientific research at 2 Sigma girlfriend will:

look for out patterns and also trends in the world’s data. Climate harness this insights to assist us forecast the activity of worldwide markets. Explore open functions
At two Sigma, there is no sense of "this problem is too challenging to solve". The brainpower here, the creativity, the collaborative culture, leads you to addressing the trouble or finding who to help you resolve the problem. Naught is too difficult.

Business development & expansion Analyst

Working in Strategy & to work at two Sigma you will:

thrive our business roughly the civilization through an innovative thinking and operational excellence. Check out open duties
Being surrounding by excellent minds and also intellectually curious human being makes me effort to be in ~ my best. The world at two Sigma keep me continuous challenged, motivated, and also committed to transferring the highest quality output possible.

Investor relationships Leader

Working in invest & client Solutions at two Sigma you will:

supply our invest services and innovative options to a diverse customer base. Explore open duties

Employee source Groups

2 Sigma has actually a variety of Employee resource Groups, encouraging employees to gather together as a ar to re-publishing experiences and also combine initiatives to journey change.


Bridging ethnic backgrounds at two Sigma, or BE

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TS, seeks to develop a solid community the women and also allies at two Sigma and beyond by giving career advancement opportunities, producing the room for genuine connection and also mentorship, utilizing intersectional advocacy, and promoting allied education.






Benefits to assistance Health, Body, and also Mind

Competitive services package

An incredibly competitive services package, including medical, dental and disability insurance, and also flexible healthcare and commuter security accounts.

Snacks for days

Our kitchens ~ above every floor the our workplaces are fully stocked v snacks and also drinks, and also offer an are to brainstorm or take a break.

Fitness classes

Two Sigma gives multiple health classes a week, from boot camp to yoga. Working from home? We"ve gone digital therefore our employees can break a sweat in your living rooms.

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Mindfulness and meditation

We"ve partnered v Headspace to provide all two Sigma employee meditation and also mindfulness training, which has actually been presented to reduce stress and also increase focus.

gain to understand Us


Culture Quest

How easily can you i found it insights and spot patterns? find life at two Sigma in our take on this standard game.