Posting top top The Tagging System lore seems to it is in that only the an initial five tags that you go into into room tracked, an interpretation that they will come increase in the search feed for the tag. I’m not certain if this is completely true, but a an excellent rule the thumb would certainly be to include at least 5 tags to posts. Add the tags that you think human being will be looking for first, and also then include other tags that are niche to Brooklyn university after that.

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There space two factors to add tags come a post. The very first reason is so that various other users can find your content. The second reason is for organizational purposes on her blog. Because that example, every post by the Navigators, ours campus tourism guides and blog contributors, is tagged “BC Navigators.” I know the opportunity of anyone searching for BC Navigators on is really low, yet I tag it this means so it’s simple to see all those articles in one place.

I’ve added the html code for a tags cloud, whereby you have the right to see our many popular/frequently provided tags.

Here’s a snippet the it:


Here are the tags ns use through the many frequency:

Admission requirements: Posts around what credentials you require to gain into Brooklyn College

Black and also White: for vintage photos. This is a really popular tag on

Brooklyn: every little thing related to living in the borough, photos approximately town, etc. As soon as I discover that I’m posting a photo and also only come up with four tags, I add Brooklyn since it’s always popular top top

Brooklyn College: ns tag whatever Brooklyn College, unless I’m reblogging something that is particularly not BC-related, choose photos that Coney Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, etc.

College Advice: I use this frequently with the “inspirational quotes” that i reblog, or I use it with asks that are asking an ext for one opinion than difficult facts.

College Life: supplied for posts around what it’s favor being a college student and/or attending BC.

Boylan Hall, east Quad, Library, West Quad, Whitman Hall, Lily Pond: places on campus.

CUNY: I’ll placed this tag on posts that deal with admission requirements in general, and likewise use it on short articles of campus that are shy a few tags. The CUNY tags is popular.

FAQ: i tag every one of the asks “FAQ.” That method it’s easy to look through the archive of asks in one place.

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Photography: Another an extremely popular sign on I usage this sign on the archival photos and also my original shots.