Last night on Total Divas, Natalya is in a good spot in she career in ~ the head of the women’s division. She wants sister Jenni to feeling the exact same fulfillment in her own life. Nattie think Jen, who suffers native anxiety, just needs to start believing in herself and pursue her enthusiasm for cooking. She come up with an idea because that Jen to run food preparation classes the end of she kitchen. And so Delectable Divas, food preparation classes for every levels, is born. Natalya really wants the inaugural class to have a great turnout. She enlists the assist of Titus O’Neil, who lives nearby in Tampa. That agrees to come and also bring his kids…for $100.

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Fandango, and also Jen’s favorite, large E, are amongst the various other attendees. It comes out during the course that Natalya paid for everyone to participate. Jen feel embarrassed and also overwhelmed through the totality situation. Nattie had great intentions, yet realized she needs to protect against forcing ideas on she sister and also that she can’t always fix everything. She has to let walk at her own pace in figuring the end what she desires to do. I don’t think Natalya’s to be all that bad. Ns think a food preparation show ~ above WWE Network would be supervisor entertaining.

Elsewhere, Brie and also Bryan rent a home for the week in California so they can hang out with the Bella family. They likewise want to use the time to make babies. Brie and also Nikki reflect on previous competitions which leader them to wonder which among the Bella Twins’ dogs is smarter: Josie or Winston.

Bryan take away things more by wondering who is smarter, Brie or Nikki. He organizes an IQ test v a psychologist for the two of them.


Before Bryan read the results, Brie and also Nikki decide understanding would hurt their relationship. Therefore they speak to it a draw…or so we thought. Nikki captures Brie trying come look at the results. Bryan profit possession of the envelopes and reveals Nikki acquired the greater score. It no take long for the bragging come begin.

Renee Young joins Lana and Rusev because that a night of heat dancing. Yes, that is together wonderful together it sounds. Lana is influenced by the surroundings, wanting to produce invitations for her wedding that is country themed. She want to invite guests to the Bulgarian, Malibu wedding with visuals of Rusev in overalls and Lana in Daisy Dukes. Apparently, Rusev is a big country fan (who knew?). That is a an excellent sport, going through what Lana had in mind and also even having actually some fun with it. The “Bulgarian Brut” does have actually a soft spot, at least when it comes to his soon-to-be wife.


Finally, Trinity is suffering from a lack of trust on the collection of naval 5 in Vancouver. She is nervous around pulling turn off the biker persona. She desires to come off all set for the role, lining she trailer with Post-it notes. Maryse, that is also in the film, wants to set up a hangout v Trinity together a method to have some fun and relax. Most of the time as soon as someone states let’s hang out, girlfriend think going to the movie or for a drink.

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Maryse’s meaning is taking Trinity to a trapeze place, which is no the finest idea, considering Trinity has actually a fear of heights. Trinity goes because that it and also shows that she have the right to overcome any type of fear she has, including ones ~ above a movie set. I’m looking front to the finished result, specifically with heath Slater involved.