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"G. O. M. D." is a tune by American rapper J. Cole, indigenous his 3rd studio album, 2014 forest Hills Drive. The song, an acronym for the statement "Get off My Dick", interpolates "Get Low" by Lil Jon and also samples "Berta, Berta" by Branford Marsalis, and was developed by Cole."G. O. M. D." received blended reviews from movie critics who suggested over the production and lyrical content. The tune peaked in ~ number 34 ~ above the Billboard warm R&B/Hip-Hop song chart. It was planned for the track to it is in released together the lead solitary from the album in December 2014, however it was changed by "Apparently". A music video for the track directed by Lawrence Lamont was still released in march 2015 and also is a duration piece that attributes Cole as a residence slave to a white-owned plantation.more »

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Hollywood ColeGoAy HollywoodHollywood ColeGoYou wanna know simply where I"m atWell let me tell friend "bout itI placed my city top top the mapBut let me tell friend "bout itThey tryna say ns can"t come backAy allow me tell girlfriend "bout itMan f*ck them nigga ns come backAy allow me tell friend "bout itI wanna tell you "bout itHands up, everybody runCole outside and he speak he acquired a gunNiggas choose "man that"s what everyone say"Go and pop the trunk and also everybody deadEverybody fear of the niggaAware that the nigga is betterAll my bitches the pick of the litterNever bitterNiggas is faker than animeMe I never ever hate, acquire cake favor Anna Mae, woahEat the cake bitch, eat the cursed cakeF*ck an excellent nigga we demand greatOrder Dominoes and she take off every her clothesNigga you know how it goes, make the pizza guy waitThe finest kept secretEven hoes shot and keep it and also I leak the damn tapeRest in peace any type of nigga want beefEven mystery service couldn"t store the male safeI said to the window, to the wallMy nigga ride as soon as I callGot bitches all in my mindF*ck nigga blocking mine shineI understand the factor you feeling the wayI know just who friend wan" beSo everyday I thank the guy upstairsThat i ain"t you and also you ain"t meGet turn off my dick, woah(Get the f*ck turn off my dick)Get turn off my dick, woah(Get the f*ck off my prick nigga)Get off my dick, bitch, woah(Get the f*ck turn off my dick)Get turn off my dick, woahMan f*ck them niggas ns come home and I don"t tell nobodyThey gettin" short-lived dough and I don"t call nobodyLord will certainly you tell me if i changed, i won"t phone call nobodyI wanna go earlier to Jermaine, and also I won"t call nobodyThis is the component that the thugs skipYoung nigga never had actually loveYou know, foot massage, back rub shitBlowing bubbles in the tub shitThat is until I met youTogether us done watch years walk bySeen a flow of your tears walk byGot me thinkin" bout part kids, still ITell lock hoes come through(The break up)Get to recognize somebody and also you learn a lot around "emWhen we long for you, start to doubt "emTell you yourself you better off without "emThen gradually you will uncover can"t walk without "emCan"t speak without "em, can"t breath without "emCame right here together, friend can"t leaving without "emSo you walk ago in, make a scene about "emOn her Amerie it"s just 1 thing about "emIt"s dubbed loveNiggas don"t sing about it no moreDon"t nobody sing around it no moreNo more, no moreIt"s referred to as loveNiggas don"t sing around it no moreDon"t nobody sing around it no more(Nigga ns don"t sing about this shit no more)But there a nigga in the club singingTo the window, to the wallMy nigga ride as soon as I callGot bitches all in mine mindF*ck nigga blocking my shineI understand the factor you feeling the wayI know just who you wan" beSo everyday I thank the man upstairsThat i ain"t you and you ain"t meGet off my dickBut ain"t a nigga in the club singingSinging this tune yeahGot all the bitches in the club singingSinging this song yeahAnd every they mamas let their kids sing itSing this song yeahThe baby mamas and also the mistressesSinging this song yeahSong yeah, track song yeahThe make upThis shit is retardedWhy every affluent black nigga gotta it is in famousWhy every damaged black nigga gotta it is in brainlessThat"s a stereotypeDriven by some civilization up in Ariel HeightsHere"s a scenarioYoung Cole pockets is fat like small TerrioDreamville, provide us a year we"ll be on every showYeah f*ck nigga I"m very sureF*ck the rest I"m the finest nigga outWhen I"m earlier home I"m the ideal in the SouthWhen I"m in LA I"m the finest in the WestYou can test, you can test, I"mma large niggas outOoh I"mma stretch niggas outThat walk for every y"all if i left niggas outThis shit because that everybody on mine testiclePlease make certain you put the remainder in her mouth, ho

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J. Cole Jermaine Lamar Cole (born January 28, 1985), better known by his stage name J. Cole, is a German-born American i know good hop record artist and also record producer from Fayetteville, north Carolina. In 2009, he ended up being the very first artist to sign to Jay-Z"s Roc nation label. His long-awaited debut album title Cole World: The Sideline Story was released on September 27, 2011. The album debuted in ~ number one on the united state Billboard 200, optimal R&B Albums and Top laboratory Albums chart, selling an ext than 217,000 in its very first week sales. He got a nomination for Best brand-new Artist in ~ the 54th Grammy Awards. More »