*Editor’s note: For she safety, sweetheart Club’s manager asked for that she be described in this short article by the name the is known to Treasure society guests.

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The Treasure club is one “award-winning gentlemen’s club and also sports bar” located at 7806 Boeing Dr. In Greensboro.

“We space not a piece club, we room a gentlemen’s club through an to chat venue with proof of our Sports, UFC, gaming, and incredibly beautiful women,” composed Treasure Club’s manager Lexi in one email.

Lexi composed that The Treasure society chain began in Asheville in 2008 and continued to thrive to areas in Greensboro, Hickory and Myrtle Beach, south Carolina. Lexi created that endowment Club’s focus was to bring “back hospitality in gentlemen clubs.”

“With the an initial Treasure club being a success, a need was gift sought because that hospitality-driven entertainment. Due to the fact that of the hospitality model, sweetheart Club has been nominated and also won countless awards and also still hold the best reviews through the people,” she wrote. “The club’s ideology is slow and also steady expansion and providing the ideal guest endure possible.”

Lexi composed that Treasure club is well-known for the various formats of lap dances offered and also its “Exotic Limo Ride.” Lexi wrote that endowment Club supplies singles and also couples “the ultimate night out,” through “the many beautiful entertainers and jaw-dropping pole performances.”

Lexi wrote that endowment Club has actually sports, WTP poker, features, UFC, and also holiday-themed events. A brand-new addition to the club is the endowment Club game Room, a private room for those interested in anything indigenous Fortnite to Madden and also other renowned Xbox and also PlayStation 4 games.

“We offer an excellent perks, including top-of-the-line surround sound headphones, game accessories, comfortable gaming chairs, and also more,” Lexi wrote. “Another alternative for the video game room is a inquiry for entertainer(s). We’ve even gone therefore far, as to promote progressed reservations for requested anime/cosplay dress-up, i m sorry our women are extremely excited about!”

Lexi wrote that Treasure society stands out from other comparable clubs in the area due to the fact that “we in reality listen to what world want.” She created that sweetheart Club employee take reviews and requests indigenous visitors and build ~ above them come “provide a better guest experience.”

“The arts of sensuality mixed with phase performance is never shed here. Plain and simple, we actually care around our guests and employees,” she wrote.

Lexi wrote that her favorite part of Treasure society is the happy job-related environment.

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“We lure the finest of all kinds here including our guests. Everyone below is for this reason nice and also easy to obtain along with. It’s straightforward to say; i love my job.”

Lexi wrote that the society will proceed to expand throughout the Southeast and will have an ext locations to come. The Treasure club is open up Monday-Thursday from 11:30 a.m. Until 2 a.m., ~ above Friday from 11:30 a.m. To 3 a.m. And also on the weekend indigenous 6:30 p.m. Come 3 a.m.