In this section we will certainly cover different footwork techniques you must be utilizing in game. These include ready position, side action (chasse), lunge, scissor kick, crossover step and also three-step go back to mid court.

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Ready position

Being in the ready position enables players to relocate sharply in the direction that the spaceship is traveling. In the ready place a football player feet must be square, or slightly staggered depending upon the player and also how castle feel most comfortable.

If a player prefers the staggered place it have to be v the leading foot furthest forward. The feet must be spread around shoulder width apart v the knees slightly bent, and a football player weight should be ~ above the balls the the feet.

The racket need to be held up in front of the players body, but slightly over to the backhand side.

Some players usage the staggered feet position because they feel the it enables them to relocate from side to side and also front to ago quicker. The staggered position is very beneficial once a player is return a serve, as it allows them to anticipate a short serve quicker. Yet when receiving a offer a players non leading foot have to be the furthest forward.

Side action (Chasse)

This form of step development can be supplied to move to any kind of corner of the court, and does allow players to move further and faster, specifically towards the net. The next phase is to move the non-dominant foot up behind and slightly closer to the corner, so the earlier leg is slightly overcome behind the prior leg. Then when again relocate the racket leg front in the direction the the shuttle, and also extend the racket eight out in front of the body.

Moving back: If a player wants to move ago towards the backhand side then the very first stage is to take it the dominant foot earlier towards the corner they want to relocate to. The following stage is to bring the non-dominant foot ago and behind the dominant, so the the non-dominant foot is closest to the net and also the side the they are traveling.

The leading foot need to then take another step earlier towards the corner and because players can travel further with each action this need to take them into the corner, therefore no extra steps have to be made.

Racket arm and non-playing arm need to get greater with each action taken preparing to aim and also return the shuttle.Remember to save both eye on the shuttle at every times.


The lunge is frequently used in badminton. Because that the function of the drill begin in the ready position and then stretch the racket foot out. Making sure that the heel touches the floor an initial place the racket foot ~ above the ground, then move to the toes. Bend the knee that the racket foot taking care to keep the shoulders ago and balanced above the hips. Usage the nobody racket arm behind the human body to balance the move. Throughout game play the player may need to incorporate a sidestep or a cross Over action to move throughout the court.

Scissor kick

This type of step development can be supplied to provide a an effective shot native the ago of the court. In this shoot the foot switch place in mid air the same, similar thing the closing and then opened of scissors. That is frequently proceeded by a chasses step, for this reason the player will uncover they room still relocating backwards when the jump is started. Phase one is to jump directly off the ground, climate swap your dominant foot with your non dominant foot in mid air with the non leading foot landing momentarily before the other.

Parts 1 & 2

Whilst in the air rotate the human body to struggle the shuttle making use of the momentum of the switch to supply a powerful blow.

Parts 3 & 4

Cross over step

This step is offered for travel quickly across the court. The step-close action footwork offers the non-dominant foot (left foot for a right handed player) as a pivot and the leading foot as the leading foot. The non-dominant foot is the one that also closes the human body away from the shuttle thus the surname step-close step.

Players must aim to reach for the shuttle v the leading arm and leg as this conserves time and also makes because that a quicker recovery. Diagonal movement is the fastest way to move from the centre to the corners.

To go from the mid court come the ago forehand edge a player must pivot on the non-dominant foot for this reason the toes space pointing in the direction of the side of the court the the player is relocating to. Climate the dominant leg should take a step towards the forehand back corner.

The following stage is to bring the non-dominant foot across behind the other foot, through the toes and body encountering the corner they space traveling to. Both arms need to be increased slightly indigenous theready positionto about head height at this stage. Shoulders must be encountering forwards.

The last phase that the step-close step is pass the dominant foot approximately so the feet are almost square dealing with the next of the court, v the body additionally in a side on position. The non-playing arm must be up over the football player head the end in front of castle guiding the shuttle in. The leading hand have to be behind the head with the racket up. Mental to store both eye on the shuttle at every times.

Three step return to mid court

This type of step development can be used to relocate to any kind of corner of the court, and also does allow players to relocate further and also faster, particularly towards the net.

From the Net: after hitting a shot indigenous the front of court use the dominant foot to step earlier with very first then the various other foot, and then the racket foot again and also this must take a player ago into the ready position, maybe to relocate towards the next shot.

From ago court: after hitting a shot from the back of the court, the legs do a scissor like activity as they leaving the floor. This means the leading leg swings forward and also the other leg ferris wheel back. The non-dominant leg have to then be the one that takes the bulk of the weight together a football player lands on that first, and this have to propel them earlier towards the center of the court.

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Then usage the very same 3 action pattern of leading leg, non-dominant, and also dominant foot again to get back into the prepared position when again.