a natural, inorganic, crystalline solid.I
Inorganicis a substance the is not made up of living points or the remains of living things.

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Two main team of mineralssilicate minerals and also nonsilicate minerals
Silicate MineralsAll of this minerals contain atoms of silicon(Si) and also oxygen (O)
Quartzconsist of just silicon and oxygen atoms
Fedlsparsmost common silicate minerals counts on which steel combines v the silicon and oxygen atoms.
Orthoclaseresults when metal is potassium (K)
Plagioclaseforms once the metal is sodium(Na), calcium(ca) or both
Silicate minerals do up96% the the earth's crust
Fedlspar and quartz do up more than50 % the the crust
Nonsolicate minerals make up4 % of the the the earth's crust
nonsilicate minerals are classified into 6 major groupscarbonates, halides, indigenous elements, oxides, sulfates, and sulfides
Carbonatesexample is Dolomite or a Calcite
Halidesexample is Halite or a Fluorite
Native Elementsexample is Silver and Copper
OxidesExample is Corundum and also a Hematite
Sulfatesexample is a Gypsum and also an Anhydrite
SulfiedsExample is a Galena and a Pyrite
For every 1 silcon, over there are2 oxygens
Most common minerals room calledrock-forming minerals
Crystalnatural hard with specify internal pattern
Isolated Tetrahedral Silicates and Ring Silicatescontains silicon-oxygen tetrahedra that are connected only by atoms of aspects other 보다 silicon and osygen. For example olivine
Single-chain Silicatesmade increase of minerals dubbed pyroxenes
Double-chain Silicatesmineral made up of amphiboles
Sheet Silicatesshares three (O) atoms
Framework silicatebonded come 4 bordering tetrahedra
mineralogistsEarth scientist that conduct test through special tools to properly recognize minerals
Characteristics the Colorweathered surface my hide the color of minerals, or a an extremely smalll lot of details elements my greatly affect the color
Charct. That LusterLight reflect from the surface ar you have pearly luster
Charct. That Streakpowdered form
Charct. Of Cleavage and Fracturesplit quickly along particular flat surface
Charct. The Harnessmineral resisting scratching
Mohs hardness scaledetermines one unknown mineral byscratching it against the mineral on this scale
Charct. Of crystal Shapeforms in among six simple shapes
Crystal SystemsSix basic Systems
Isometric or cubic SystemThress Axes the equal size intersect at 90 level angles. (Galena)
Triclinic systemThree axes that unequal length are oblique come one another (Turquoise)
Hexagonal SystemThree horizontal axes of the same size intersect at 120 level angles. Verticle axis is no longer o much shorter than the horizontal axes.(Quartz)
Orthorhombic SystemThree axes that unequal length intersect at 90 level angles. ( Olivine)
Monoclinic systemThree axes of uneven length, 2 intersect in ~ 90 level angles. The 3rd axis is oblique come the others.(Micas)
Tetragonal SystemThree axes crossing at 90 level angles. Two horiz. Axes space of same length. The verticle axis is much longer or shorter than the horizontal axes. (Zircon)
Density Ratiod =M/V 85g/34cm = 2.5g/cm
Properties the MineralsMagnetism, Flourescence and also Phosphorescence, double Refraction, Radioactivity
MagnetismLodestone is a kind of Magnetite
Flourescenceminerals the absorb ultraviolet light and also then develop visible light of assorted colors.
PhosphorescenceMinerals that proceed to glow
Double RefractionCrystals of calcite and some various other transparent mineral bending light in a together a method that they produce a double image of any type of object perceived through them
RadioactivityUnstable nuclei decay over time into stable nuclei by realeasing particles of energy.
Metallic luster and also Nonmetallic lusterTwo types of luster
A minerala natrual not natural crystalline solid with a characteristic chemistry composition
Silicate mineralsminerals the contain silicon and also oxygen
Feldsparsmost typical silicate minerals
Silicate mineralsNinety 6 percent the the earth's crust is do up
Silicon-oxygen tetrahedrabasic structural devices of every silicate minerals onsist of
OlivineAn instance of a mineral with a an easy structure consists of solitary tetrahedra attached by atoms of other elements
Souble chain silicatewhen two solitary chains that tetrahedra shortcut to every other, the result is
Lusterthe appearance of th elight reflect from the surface of a mineral
Lusterapprearance the the irradiate reflected native the surface of a mineral
Fractureuneven and also splintery describes a minerals . . .
Hardnessis measure up by utilizing a Mohs scale
Densitythe proportion of the fixed of a mineral to its volume is the mineral's . . .

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Lodestonethe needles of the an initial magnectic compasses provided in navigating were do of the magnetic mineral
FluorescenceWhen calcite absorbs ultraviolet light and also gives turn off red light, it is displaying the building of . .
UraniumA mineral the is radioactive probably consists of the element
CalciteDouble refraction is a distinctive building of crystals of
Inspect a fresh exposed surfaceto study a mineral for color