For this problem, we’re being asked to calculation thesolubility (in g/L) the CaSO4(s)in0.300 M Na2SO4(aq). Since the compounds space ionic compounds, they form ions when dissociating in water. The dissociation the CaSO4 and also Na2SO4 in water space as follows:

The sulfate ion, SO42–, has actually a charge of –2. Calcium is in group 2A so it’s fee is +2:

CaSO4(s)⇌Ca2+(aq) +SO42–(aq)

The sulfate ion, SO42–, has actually a charge of –2. Salt is in team 1A for this reason it’s charge is +1:

Na2SO4(s)→2Na+(aq) +SO42–(aq)

Notice the there is a typical ion present,SO42–. Thecommon ion effectstates that thesolubility that a salt is lowerin the existence of a common ion.

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We can construct an ice cream table for the dissociation the CaSO4. Remember the solids room ignored in the ice cream table.


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The Ksp of CaSO4 is 4.93 x 10-5. Calculation the solubility (in g/L) that CaSO4(s) in 0.300 M Na2SO4(aq) in ~ 25 °C.

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