Unit 4.1 System software concepts
Unit 4.2 Types of operation systems
Unit 4.3 Utilities and also drivers

finding out outcomes

At the finish of this chapter, you will certainly be may be to:

define mechanism software identify the different types of operating systems describe the role of energy programs and maker drivers


In this chapter, you will certainly learn about system software and the different operating equipment such together Microsoft Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. You will learn around an ‘operating system’, the various functions that are lugged out by an operation system, and also how they help the user in operation a computer device.

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Figure 4.1: An example of what the MS-DOS command heat interface, among the very first operating systems, looked like

UNIT4.1 system software concepts

In chapter 1 you learnt the software describes the currently of code and also computer instructions that tell the hardware of a computing device what come do. In this unit, we will certainly learn much more about device software and its other components, namely, operation systems, utility programmes, and device drivers.


A device software is a specific form of software application that manages a computer device. The system software comprises the operation system, utility programmes, and device drivers. We will look at every of the three parts.

AN operating SYSTEM

An operating mechanism is software program that manages hardware, software and also other applications top top a computer device. The operating mechanism has various functions and tasks it carries out on a computer device. In order to do these attributes easy to understand, they space grouped into the adhering to categories:

Disk management: offered to control the drives mounted in a computer system e.g. Partition drives, format drives, assign journey letters. Hardware management: regulating the interaction between hardware and also software, as well as the different hardware devices. Graphics User interface (GUI) management: Provides and manages the user interface that interacts with graphics and also visual content on a computer device. I/O management: regulating the signals got from one input an equipment and sending the correct signals to an calculation device. Process management: controlling the applications and the resources supplied by applications (Apps) top top a computer device. File management: regulating the storage of files and folders on her storage device. Memory management: regulating the data save on computer on a computer device’s memory and once the processing is complete, this function tends to totally free up part space. Storage management: Processes used to improve the power of data storage resources.

New words

GUI (or graphical user interface) – a visual way in which individuals can communicate with a computer (including windows, buttons, menus, images, and text)

activity 4.1 device software

4.1.1Define each job in your very own words and administer an example.


4.1.2What is the advantage of the storage management system recording the day that a file was changed?

4.1.3Use your computer to complete the following activity.

a.List the measures you have to follow to check out your computer’s power (using the Task Manager).

b.Open the Task Manager on Microsoft Windows and also write under your computer’s current usage for the complying with hardware.



iii.Primary HDD


UNIT4.2 varieties of operating systems

Up come now, you have been learning around and working v Microsoft windows as an example of an operation system. This particular form of operating device is generally known as a stand-alone operating system. In this unit, we will focus on the complying with three varieties of operating solution namely, stand-alone, network and embedded operating systems.


These operating systems function entirely individually from a network on a computer or mobile device. This ensures that the jobs of an operation system deserve to be performed on the device.


Network or server operating systems room operating equipment designed to aid computers work-related together top top a network, fairly than used in a stand-alone mode. For example, a large company may have a server running the home windows Server operating mechanism in the organisation. A computer system can connect to the exact same network to gain accessibility to that is information, resources, etc. Instances include: Windows Server, Red cap Enterprise, Ubuntu Server, and UNIX.


The embedded operating mechanism is designed for a details purpose e.g. Clever TVs that attach to the internet, a video camera (Wi-Fi) that have the right to stream live footage and also the general practitioners system the is installed in most mobile devices.

activity 4.2

4.2.1Indicate whether the following statements space TRUE or FALSE. Correct the false statements. Adjust the word(s) in bold message to make the declare TRUE wherein necessary.

a.Embedded operation systems help computers work-related together top top a network.

b.A network operating system is one operating mechanism that is designed come be supplied on that own.

c.Stand-alone operation system is designed to be provided on a single maker with a very particular purpose.

4.2.2Compare the complying with operating systems by completing the table.


UNIT4.3 Utilities and drivers

Operating systems space not the only type of device software in the it field. Over there are other additional types of system software. In this unit we will certainly look in ~ the following two types:

utility programs device driver programs. UTILITY PROGRAMS

A utility program is mechanism software the helps users to analyse, configure, monitor, or assist maintain your computers. Most operating systems incorporate a set of basic utilities for users, and additional utilities that might be downloaded if needed. Instances of utilities include:

back-up software program that helps a user produce back-up duplicates of the documents on your computer a machine manager the helps a user install new hardware such as a mouse, USB, etc.
Figure 4.2: This is a an equipment manager indicating the a machine has to be installed and is functioning properly disk cleaners that helps a user to cost-free up space on a warehouse device file managers that allow users to regulate the documents that room stored on your computers system (Task Managers) monitors that summarise a computer’s power for the user.

Without these utilities it would be a lot harder for individuals to manage and also keep their computers running optimally.


A maker driver is software program that has a collection of instructions that command a computer’s operating system on just how to interact with the hardware so that it can function properly. Machine drivers allow communication in between the operating system and all the devices, such as the mouse, keyboard, printer, etc.

The field of that is forever changing, so it would certainly be impossible to develop an operating device that knows how each device functions or functions (especially devices those that have not yet been invented). That is thus that each hardware manufacturer is responsible for developing drivers for your own made devices.


Each time new hardware is connected to a computer, the operating device detects and identifies the hardware. Environment of a new device can then take place in one of two people of the complying with manners:

Automatic driver installationThe operating device locates the exactly driver for the identified an equipment in its driver database. Then it installs them automatically, allowing the computer system to interact with the new maker without having to reboot the computer. Manual driver installationIf a driver is not easily accessible from the operating system, a hand-operated installation is required. A hands-on installation is typically done in windows via the machine manager or the paper set-up. This deserve to be found on the hardware’s accompanying DVD or downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. The DVD will incorporate the driver for the hardware, and it will permit it to duty and connect with the operating system.
Figure 4.3: The environment of a USB connected device

activity 4.3

4.3.1What go the term, utility, to express to? explain this term utilizing your very own words.

4.3.2Which utility program would you usage in the following scenarios?

a.You desire to prevent a virus and also other dangerous program from damaging her computer.

b.You need to install brand-new hardware on her computer.

c.Your computer system is slow, and you have to solve this problem.

d.You should ensure the you carry out not lose any important information and also files because there have actually been an ext and an ext error message on her computer. These error message tell you that you cannot save your files, and you realise the your tough drive is liven breaking.

e.You desire to store an eye on just how your computer performs.

4.3.3What function does a maker driver play.

4.3.4Why is a an equipment driver necessary?

4.3.5Illustrate the steps to install a device, manually and also automatically.

Choose the exactly answer.

1.Embedded computers are uncovered in …

a.IOT devices

b.motor cars

c.all that the above.

2.A an equipment manager is ...

a.an applications programme

b.a utility programme

c.an applications tool

3.A desktop computer computer will frequently have …

a.a stand-alone operating system

b.a server operation system

c.none of the above.

4.Storage is usually linked with one …



c.all of the above.

5.What is her option have to your computer system not have actually an automatic driver?

a.Download the driver indigenous the manufacturer’s website.

b.Install the driver native the CD/DVD that comes with the hardware.

c.Both A and also B.

6.A driver’s role is to _____

a.explain to your operation system exactly how to interact with the plug-and-play device.

b.explain to your operation system how to communicate with the hardware device and make it role properly.

c.explain come your operation system exactly how to interact with the software machine and make it function properly.

7.The complying with operating solution work directly on computers to ensure certain that the jobs of an operating device are completed.

a.Stand-alone systems

b.Embedded operating systems

c.Network operation systems

8.In order to optimise your computer by play music and using another application for her essay, you want your operating mechanism to allocate the exact variety of resources to this applications that they have to run so that they have the right to both operation at the same time. We contact this the ___________.

a.Process administration system

b.I/O administration system

c.Hardware management system.

9.Choose a term/concept from tower B the matches a description in pillar A. Write just the letter beside the concern number (e.g. 1– A). There have the right to be more than one answer come a question. Several of the inquiries (column A) might have more than one correct answer (column B).


10.Indicate whether the complying with statements are TRUE or FALSE. Write ‘true’ or ‘false’ next to the inquiry number. Exactly the statement if that is FALSE. Change the word(s) in bold message to do the declare TRUE where necessary. You may not merely use the word ‘NOT’ to readjust the statement. NO mark will it is in awarded if only FALSE is created down.

a.The I/O manager provides sure that files are save correctly.

b.File managers permit users to control files that are stored on their computers.

c.Embedded operating systems type the backbone of the internet.

d.RAM is responsible because that keeping info that the computer is at this time using.

11.In your very own words, define why the is necessary to usage drivers.

12.Look at the complying with advertisements for two computers and answer the concerns below:


a.Your friend desires to beat a video game on his computer, however the video game keeps crashing through the adhering to error blog post – “Error: insufficient Memory”.

i.Which the the two computers advertised over will most likely solve this problem?

ii.Explain the reason for your choice.

iii.What does it mean when us say the the operating device is responsible because that the memory administration in a computer?

b.The advertisements states that, one computer system has 8 GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD and the other has 4GB RAM and also a 1 TB HDD. What carry out RAM, SSD and HDD mean?

c.Explain the function of a machine driver.

d.Explain system software in your own words.

e.Every computing machine must have an operating device loaded, whether it is Windows, Linux, macOS, or Android.

i.Which operating system is used by both computer systems in the advertisements?

ii.What is the main function played by a computer’s OS?

iii.Utility programs are contained when an OS is pre-installed top top a computer. Give an example of a utility routine that is preinstalled.

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f.Which computer has another form of device software loaded apart from the operating system?