i am trying to submit to iTunes attach with Xcode 6.4. I am getting this error

Unable to Validate your Application The applications you have actually selected does no exist.

I am able to discover the provisioning profile through my dev account top top the vault step. I have actually double-checked every identifiers. Ns tried application Loader as well and got basically the very same error. What is weird is that ns submitted one more app several hours prior to to the exact same account with no issues. Any assist would be considerably appreciated.




I tried applications Loader and also it worked. That did not work 2 hrs earlier. What is monster is that ns tried come download an application from the application Store and they might not uncover my account. Some brand-new terms of organization popped up and also I agreed. After that i was climate able to download with the previous "non-existent" account. That"s once I tried app Loader and it worked. Have to be miscellaneous on Apple"s side that will be addressed shortly.


I was having the very same issue, here"s what ns did come send the application to the app store:

On XCODE develop generate the "Archive", once you gain the "Organizer" window/popup, validate it together you normally do. If validated, then click "Export" and select "Save because that iOS app store deployment". Conserve it somewhere and take keep in mind of this location, you"ll need the IPA file.

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Install the "Application Loader" indigenous https://itunesconnect.apple.com/apploader/ApplicationLoader_3.1.dmg, if friend don"t have it already.

Follow the easy actions to push the app to the application store. That is "Deliver her app", pick the IPA paper and that"s it!

Hope this helps!



While other are having success through Application Loader, i did not and received a different error « You space not authorized to usage this organization » Great!

Since iOS 9.1 was just released yesterday possibly Xcode 6.x is being phased out, but we"re not ready to move to Xcode 7.x because that this specific project.

I succeeded by archiving in Xcode 6.x and also using the Organizer in Xcode 7.1 to send to the application Store. The procedure is together follows:

Rename Xcode 6.x (In my case Xcode632.app).Download and also install Xcode 7.1 from .dmg file, not as an upgrade.Build and archive your app in Xcode 6.xClose Xcode 6.xLaunch Xcode 7.1 yet do no open your project.In Xcode 7 pick Window->Organizer.Submit to app Store.

Hopefully this helps you if both the Xcode and Application Loader uploads fail.

Download Xcode 7 and shot to upload brand-new build make sure that you changed version or (and) build number of app, it need to work.

It appears to be a bug/"feature" the iTC not concerned Xcode version. Go together frameworks must bump your versions(CFBundleShortVersionString) to complement the version of the app.Related topics:https://github.com/CocoaPods/CocoaPods/issues/4421https://github.com/Carthage/Carthage/issues/859

Failed to upload archive utilizing Xcode 6.4 and also 7.1, yet successfully uploaded v Xcode 7.0.1.http://adcdownload.apple.com/Developer_Tools/Xcode_7.0.1/Xcode_7.0.1.dmg

UPDATE: It shows up that Apple has actually remedied this bug. I just effectively uploaded a construct using Xcode 6.4 come iTunes Connect. I believe this was either one organizer pest or one iTC bug but they"ve solved it.

Before the solution was to usage application loader.

You should be able to submit using Xcode 6.x now. We have to upload build from 6.x still since Xcode 7 needs a lot of refactoring due to ATS. The standard "AllowArbitraryLoads" doesn"t cut it because that my project.

It looks prefer this have the right to be caused by some new version number validation logic on Apple"s end. In our case, tacking one extra ".1" ~ above the end of the version number strings because that the app enabled it to be uploaded v Application Loader.

Really weird/deceptive that the error post for this would be "The application you have selected does not exist", though.

I was having actually the same issue. Ns tried come upload v Application loader then obtained descriptive errors about the bundle version. ~ removing all third party info.plist native pods and static libs, will work-related to upload mine build.

I solved this issue. I had to upgrade my OSX to 10.10.5 and also XCode come 7.0.1. In XCode you should set couple of keys. NSAppTransportSecurity key is forced if your app or game needs internet access. ~ this setup it functions perfectly native xcode it self. And also no worry on live itunes connect.

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UIRequiresFullScreen NSAppTransportSecurity NSAllowsArbitraryLoads NSExceptionDomains domain.com NSExceptionAllowsInsecureHTTPLoads NSExceptionMinimumTLSVersion TLSv1.1 NSExceptionRequiresForwardSecrecy NSIncludesSubdomains NSThirdPartyExceptionAllowsInsecureHTTPLoads NSThirdPartyExceptionMinimumTLSVersion TLSv1.1 NSThirdPartyExceptionRequiresForwardSecrecy
My solution for similar problems is usage of Fastlane devices https://fastlane.toolsFirst You deserve to use GYM tool for build/archive your project, and also then Pilot for send it to iTunesConnect Testflight.This device fixes every one of my troubles with password signing, submitting, etc. For this reason I can recommend it.

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