The last few weeks that Teen mommy 2 have been a torrent that reveals, v the David-Jenelle drama lastly playing out for the cameras, Kail revealing she slept v Javi while the was with Bri and also of course Leah, making it clean she"s been gaining some bootie indigenous Jeremy too.

What"s left to uncover out? Yep, there"s more. Check out on!


We last saw Javi paying Bri a voluntary visit come Miami.

Bri doesn"t recognize why Javi pays she a visit at all offered that the knew her surgical treatment was gift recorded. After ~ a lot of suspenseful music, which was confusing (considering no crime was committed).

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Bri choose up Shirley native the hospital and brings she home. Bri looks giant annoyed that Javi is crashing their post-surgery rehab. Lock then continue to an outbreak into a large fight.

Javi inexplicably shares with Bri the "someone is willing to move to Dover because that me." Whaaaat? We"re confused as to why Javi share this if making his half-baked effort to gain her back. Bri climate launches right into a "I"m done," rant and also takes off from the room.

Looks prefer it"s the critical of this relationship.

Later, Bri and Javihave a slightly much less agitated conversation that provides Javi run under the delusion the he and Bri have comprised while Bri looks like she can"t wait till the minute that Javi leaves.


Kail and Leah head out for your girls" holidays in Hawaii and seem like they"re having a the majority of fun. Leah has actually a genuine conversation through Kail around the trouble Ali has. Apparently, second graders have been harassing and also persecuting Ali to Aleeah.

Kail says Leah reach out to other mothers who care for a handicap child. Leah states she copes by not thinking about it as well much.

Later, Kail takes some time the end of her day to complain about Chris being a deadbeat daddy. Hmmm, friend didn"t expect that throughout the pregnancy?

Leah and Kail decide to walk sky-diving when Kail describes that Leah will have the ability to make every sorts that "life changes" after she walk it.


Now the David"s turn off the show, Jamie has actually really had actually to action in. She should be celebrating due to the fact that she"s probably gained a value hike out of this.

Meanwhile, Jenelle bring away the chance to complain around how David"s being turn off the show makes it that lot tougher for she to pick up Kaiser because Nathan "pushes every maaa buttons." Ummm, ns don"t think your worries with Nathan were led to by MTV, Jenelle.

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Nathan take away Kaiser the end to eat while that whispers sweet nothings come his girlfriend Ashley. Kaiser details court proceedings around his custody commitment with Jenelle. Later, Nathan teams up v Babs to mountain a mutiny versus Jenelle once he gets a call from her while out play mini-golf with Kaiser. Babs speak Nathan the Jace called her that David spanked Kaiser so difficult that he was complaining around the pain.

Nathan speak Babs they must "get together without the kids." Wow. So sad the Nathan would certainly look the much better than David.

Hmm, someone who"s choked his ex-girlfriend looks far better than David. Nathan recaps his conversation come Ashley who for some factor breaks out right into tears end the issue.

Babs meets up v Nathan in ~ what appears to it is in the same ar Jenelle walk out through Jace. Walk MTV have actually a perform of sellers they work-related with? Nathan feel the path is much more clear for him to take custody the Kaiser because charges have been dropped versus him. Oh give thanks to god, for that. Talk around a nice set of parents for Kaiser.

With Babs nodding follow me that Nathan have the right to handle 50/50 visitation you understand something should be serious wrong through David. And also sure enough, Babs launches into a conversation of David and also his use of his firearms on his property.

Even sadder is Babs"s account of all of the visits that Jenelle didn"t display up for with Jace.


While Leah is out v Kail in Hawaii she manages to call Corey. Leah recounts she phone conversation come Kail and over-analyzes her conversation with Corey and also points out just how his "cut and also dry" conversation of the girls is his method of coping.

Nah, we thinks that"s simply a role of Corey"s intellect.


Chelsea has lunch out through her dad and recounts the trouble Paislee is having with Adam. Paisleedoesn"t view him at every anymore but Chelsea will be meeting up through Paislee and also Taylor because Aubrey has been asking around her.

Paislee and also Aubrey gain together at a bowling alley and also Chelsea goes right for the jugular, making sure to asking Taylor about the custody setup that Taylor has actually with Adam.

Chelsea wonders how delusional Adam"s mother have the right to be about her son"s issues.

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