Taylor Swift made she comeback in ~ the Grammys ~ a four-year hiatus, and she’s dressed for the occasion. The singer showed up on the event’s minimal red carpet (there’s tho a pandemic going on, after all), attract a flower-adorned minidress. Her friend Joe did not pose through her.

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Swift performs tonight and is shortlisted because that Album that the Year (for folklore), tune of the Year (for “Cardigan”), ideal Pop Solo performance (for “Cardigan”), best Pop Duo / team Performance (with Bon Iver for “Exile”), best Pop Vocal Album (for folklore), and for Category finest Song created for intuitive Media (for “Beautiful Ghosts >”).

It’s the 13th anniversary the Swift’s very first Grammy nomination, and the singer has spoken with Entertainment this evening earlier this week on advice she would provide her young self, learning what she’s doing currently at 31.

“It’s quite crazy just how much time has passed since my very first GRAMMY nomination. I constantly feel lucky enough to still be a part of this night, ”Swift said. “I think my advice as soon as I was younger is most likely to, when the going gets tough, constantly focus on the fact that ns love music.”

“This is what, no matter what, protected me from all the other outside things the made me feeling weird,” she added. “I never had a problem with make music or play music in general. I never ever stopped loving him. It’s the external things that made me feeling depressed in ~ times.

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