Supply operation Walkthrough

Fire Emblem Three residences has many of side quests that you can do for extra money and exp. Several of these searches are simple, and also others can be tricky.

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Supply operation (Black Eagles – chapter 13)Hubert will certainly ask girlfriend to deliver some provides for him. You need to acquire an Arcane Crystal and 2 Caledonian Gar. The Arcande Csytal have the right to sometimes be uncovered at the blue point out in prior of the blacksmith. Friend will have to fish because that the Gar if friend haven’t acquired one. Speak come Hubert once you have actually them to finish the quest.

Supply operation (Blue Lions – chapter 14)You require to provide 2x Teutates Loach and also 2x Zanado Fruit. You can capture the fish easily, that a 2 star fish. You can thrive Zando Fruit using combined Fruit Seeds. Plant the seeds, don’t maintain them. Once they space grown, save before checking the seeds. Reload if girlfriend don’t get the fruit.

Supply operation (Black Eagles – chapter 15)Another quest you obtain from Hubert. That will want some Chickpeas, which deserve to be acquired from planted vegetables, and also Arcane crystals, which deserve to be bought indigenous Anna after you complete her quest.

Supply operation (Blue Lions – thing 17)From Gilbert. You require to supply 2x Tomato and 1x Silverfish. You can record Silverfish using 3 star bait on a yellow fish shadow.

Supply operation (Blue Lions – thing 18)You will require to achieve 2x Airmid Pike and also 2x Wild video game for Gilbert. I had plenty the the fish at this point, they room a 3x fish. You can buy Wild video game from the southern Merchant.

Supply operation (Blue Lions – chapter 19)Gilbert will ask for an ext supplies. It was Weeds and also Carrots for me, both easily grown in the gardens.

Supply operation (Blue Lions – chapter 20)Gilbert will ask for much more supplies. It was Cabbage and also Tomatos this time.

Supply operation (Blue Lions – thing 20)Gilbert will certainly ask for more supplies. It to be Weeds and Smithing Stones this time.

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Other side Quests

Fire Emblem Three homes Side Quests

Fresh CatchRewards: Albinean Herring x3, Caledonian Gar x3, Insect Larva x5, +300 Renown

You can gain this search from Flayn. Head come the kitchen and also you will find Flayn. To finish this quest, head come the fishing pond and speak to the local fish keeper. He will ask friend to capture a fish.

Catching fish is pretty easy. Wait because that the fish to bite the bait, and also when that does, push A. Catch the fish and you will be rewarded because that this mini-quest.

Green thumb BeginningsRewards: blended Herb seeds x5, western Foldan seeds x5, Tomato x4, Renown +300

Head ago to her room’s door, and also you will discover Dedue standing external your room. Talk to him and also he will give you the environment-friendly Thumb beginnings side-quest.

The eco-friendly thumb garden can be uncovered on the south-west edge of the map. Go into the garden and talk come the lady who is taking treatment of the plants. She will offer you permission to tree the seeds. Plant Dedue’s Seeds. This will complete the objective.

Share a BiteRewards: Airmid Goby x3, Onion x4, Turnip x4, Renown +300

Head to the main entrance that the dormitories and you will discover Sylvain stand there. The will give you a pursuit where you will need to go ~ above a food date with anyone.

First, head come the kitchen and speak come the employee members. You will certainly be provided with the food menu and also names of potential students you can share a enjoy the meal with. Picking the food and also any student will complete this side quest.

A passion for MusicRewards: Chickpeas x1, White Trout x1, Peach Currant x1, Renown +300

Head into the Chapel and also speak to the main Choir Coordinator there. She will offer you this quest. The key objective here will it is in to discover someone who has a most interest in music.

Head to the Blue Lion dormitories and also start scavenging because that a pair of barrels to adjust together. They should be somewhere just exterior the dorm. Close to the barrels have to be a choir perform for student who space interested in authorized the choir.

Creative CuisinesRewards: Teutates Pike x1, Morfis Plum x1, Duscur be afflicted with x1, Renown +300

Head to the kitchen and talk come the Head Chef. She demands some old recipes that have the right to only be discovered in the library. Head to the library and also find 3 sparkling spots. After collecting all 3 recipes, head ago to the Head chief to complete the quest.

Troubling RumorsRewards: leather Shield x1, Steel knife x1, root Vegetable seed x5, Renown +200

Head back to the Chapel again and talk come Seteth. That will call for that girlfriend go and collect details for him and report back. The location should be marked on the map. Head there and

You will have the ability to find what you space looking for. Return back to Seteth to finish the mini-quest.

Learning from the BestRewards: To be Added

Find the Faith and also Swords instructor Manuela – and also talk come her. Perform her bidding and also you will be handsomely rewarded.

Lost? Found!Rewards: To it is in Added

Find Jeralt and talk to him. That will desire you to find a specific item. This article is top top the 2nd floor that the building you are currently in.

Head come the second floor, and near the large doors need to be a shiny item dropped top top the ground. Choose it up and return it to Jeralt.

Words of WisdomRewards: steel Bow x1, Albinean berries x4, Pond Snail x5, Renown +300

Find Mercedes and talk come her. She will provide you a pursuit where friend will have to find information on the problems in the monastery. The finest lead is the counselor, who have to be in the cathedral.

Head to the very first floor the the cathedral and to the left side of the room should be our main lead. Talk to the to complete the quest.

Tea for TwoRewards: To be Added

This might be the dumbest Fire Emblem: Three homes side quest. I mean, who doesn’t love tea? apparently not many world in the magical world of Fire Emblem. Uncover Ferdinand and also talk come him. He desires you to find someone who loves tea.

Head come the fishing area and you will discover Lorenz, the only man who fits Ferdinand’s description. Talk to Lorenz will finish the objective.

In HidingRewards: To it is in Added

Some thieves space up-to no good again, and they room hiding somewhere. Seteth would choose to understand their location. Speak to Seteth and head into the Knights Area.

You will find a bookshelf that holds the blue an essential that expose the thieves’ location. Pick it up and give it to Seteth to finish your task.

Only the BoldRewards: To it is in Added

This is a battle-only quest. Speak to Caspar and also win the tournament to finish this quest.

Tending come the SaintsRewards: Caledonian Crayfish x3, Peach Currant x4, Verona x1, Renown +300

Talk come Flayn and you will certainly be inquiry to do a tiny chore in the Saint room. Head right into the Saint room and also pick up all the stones. This will certainly clear her objective.

Maintaining her TrainingRewards: To be Added

Seteth has a concern about whether girlfriend are maintaining up with your physical training or not. He desires you come commit a battle. Girlfriend will have a totally free day to complete this objective.

Forge the WayRewards: To be Added

Head come the Blacksmith to pick up your following side quest. The blacksmith will ask friend to discover a particular item. It must be significant on the map. Choose it up and also return come the blacksmith. Together a reward, you will have the ability to do blacksmithing.

Clearing the WayRewards: To be Added

Prepare her arsenal for this mini-quest. Talk to the vendor and that will desire you to protect his items by heading up Magdred method and eliminating several bandits. You have a full complimentary day to finish this task.

Herbal RemediesRewards: To be Added

Talk to Rhea who has actually some concerns about student’s health. Head to the two markers and talk come the students to offer them medicine to improve their health. This will complete the mini-quest.

Herbs Fit because that a HorseRewards: To be Added

Head come the Chapel and you will find Marianne. She wants you to find some medicine herbs, which should be situated in a greenhouse. Head there and also pick up some herbs to finish your side quest.

Special DeliveryRewards: To it is in Added

Head into the cultivate hall and also talk come stranger woman students. One of them will provide you a search where you will have to provide a love letter to Cyril. Go back to the girl after carrying to finish your objective.

Fishing TournamentRewards: To be Added

Head to Shamir and also she will provide you a pursuit where you will have to catch a Teautates Herring for Flayn. After recording one, speak to Flayn. This will complete your next quest.

Banish the BanditsRewards: To it is in Added

Eliminate a specified amount that bandits to complete this quest. Girlfriend will have a full complimentary day to finish this objective.

Carried AwayRewards: To it is in Added

This is a quest where friend will need to deliver one more love letter. Deliver the love letter come Alois and return to the sender to finish your request.

The ideal of the BestRewards: To it is in Added

Prove your mettle versus the Knights of the holy Kingdom that Faerghus.

Catherine’s RequestRewards: To be Added

Talk to Catherine to obtain this quest. She wants you to discover a two-toned whetstone. To finish this quest, girlfriend will have to find and also give items come a lot of people. You will uncover a Crestological Mysteries publication near Catherine. Provide it come Hanneman.

Find the Tome of Comely Saints and also give it come Manuela. Next, discover the Fire Amulet and give it to Cyril. Cyril will provide you the glow Stone. Mercedes demands the Glowing stone & will provide you the route of Dawn in return.

Give the path of Dawn come Marianne, to receive eye drops. Autumn the eye drops with Linhardt and also he will provide you the Two-Toned Whetstone.

Give it to Catherine come finally complete this tradefest the a quest. Catherine will reward you with a silver- Weapon too.

Shamir’s RequestRewards: To be Added

Same together Catherine. You deserve to talk to one of two people Catherine or Shamir. The outcome and also rewards space the same.

Secret MessengerRewards: To be Added

You will need to supply a love letter to Rhea. She is the girl indigenous the presents menu. After offering her the love letter, return to the dude that gave you this side search to complete it.

The lacking StudentsRewards: To be Added

Talk come Seteth to start this side quest. Friend will have to head to the markers and also investigate around the student who have gone missing.

Something come ProveRewards: To it is in Added

Talk to Felix and he will offer you this quest. You will need to fight to finish this quest.

The White Heron CupRewards: Morfis Plum x2, Lavender blend x2, Renown +500, +500 Gold

This pursuit is from Rhea and it is a dance competition. You will have to pick a student the you want to stand for your home in this. The most necessary stat right here is Cha, which friend can obtain from drink tea with the college student or giving them run lessons. You can give them the white dragon scarf to boost the stat a bit as well. I went through Petra and also she exhilaration the competition with 26 Cha. Winning provides that character the Dancer class.

Adventures in wood CarvingRewards: Black-Sand stole x2, Wootz stole x1, Goddess Statuette x1, Renown +300

Talk come Gibert and he will offer you a search to uncover a book on woodcarving. Girlfriend can discover the book in the room alongside Bernadetta. Pick the book up and give it to Gilbert. This completes your side quest.

The Cream the the CropRewards: To it is in Added

This need to be the last side search in the game. The is a battle quest – girlfriend will have to fight to finish it. Friend will have actually a full free day to complete this task.

Eagle EyeThis is a quest from Seteth. Speak v the soldier to gain the intel then return to Seteth.

Dealing through DesertersThis is a fight quest, girlfriend will need to use a free day to do it. Friend most most likely won’t have actually a totally free day open to carry out it until the next chapter.

A item Of HistoryThe seller here will certainly ask because that a piece of history. Get in the chapel and near the ruins you will view a blue glow spot, the quest item is there.

Fishing because that The big OneA soldier through the fishing hole will offer you this quest. You room asked to record the big One, a legend fish in the lake. I had actually to use Herring Bait and also catch a purple fish to acquire the best one.

Pirates In The NorthThis is an additional battle quest.

The mystery ShopThis opens up native Anna in thing 15. Anna is looking for the an enig thingy. Friend can find this article right outside of friend room, increase the stairs.

Undercover CommerceThis one is uncovered over in the stables. Head as much as the 2nd floor and also inside the room Seteth would usually be in, you will uncover the item because that this guy.

Taking care Of BusinessA fight quest from Hubert, this one unlocks brand-new merchants in town.

Worried WarriorThis quest is uncovered in the Knight’s hall. You require to obtain some herbs indigenous the greenhouse and also bring them ago to complete the quest.

Floral Tribute (Black Eagles – thing 14)Hubert will ask for part flowers for this quest. These room not her gift flowers, the is a quest item. Walk to the greenhouse and also in front of it you will see a blue booty spot. Acquire the pursuit item and also give that to hubert to finish the quest.

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Floral Tribute (Blue Lions – thing 18)Find some flowers and also gift them to Gilbert. You can uncover them external the Greenhouse. Return and also gift them come Gilbert.