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We'll it is in the first to admit it: We've fantasized around being crowned "the Bachelorette" much more than once. And also with Michelle Young beginning her trip to uncover love ~ above ABC's The Bachelorette critical night, we're daydreaming about meeting standard bachelors and wearing an intricate gowns everywhere again. Those desires will most likely never come to fruition (sigh), however we can take a page out the Bachelor and Bachelorette stars' playbooks by copping your style. And also lately, numerous members that Bachelor country have to be stepping out in the exact same shoe brand top top repeat: Steve Madden.

Former bachelorettes Hannah Brown, Becca Kufrin, and also Jojo Fletcher have worn Steve Madden heels for years, and also recent Bachelor in Paradise fan-favorites like Abigail Heringer, Serena Pitt, and also Hannah Godwin are adhering to suit. Just earlier this week, previous lead and current organize of the reality display Tayshia Adams brunched in the brand's Signal Mules. For this reason clearly, the perform of loyal Steve Madden-lovers hailing indigenous Bachelor nation runs deep — and also we entirely understand their devotion. 

Steve Madden continuously crafts classic, comfortable kicks in ~ affordable prices. We're talking every clip shoe you require in her closet, contempt tailored come the present trends you desire to try: Think animal-print sneakers, white combat boots, refined pointed-toe booties, and sleek, fur-lined mules. Finest of all, Steve Madden shoes sell designer-level high quality without the high price tags. And right now, you deserve to snag Steve Madden pair of shoes at even much more affordable prices. 

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From now until Saturday, Nordstrom Rack is providing up come 60% off Steve Madden shoes, and also one rapid browse will present every pair you require for fall and winter (read: knee-high boots, platform sneakers, and both leather and also suede booties.) So, if her fashion-forward friend or family members member has actually footwear on your Christmas wish list, now's the time to overcome it off.

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To additional drive residence how trusted Steve Madden pair of shoes are, we'd like to point out the Bachelor nation isn't the only team of renowned fans of the brand. Riverdale stars Camila Mendes and also Madelaine Petsch often step out in that is sneakers, Gwen Stefani and also Emily Ratajkowski have rocked knee-high boots, and also Taylor Swift has actually strutted about in Steve Madden sandals on lot of occasions. So, yes — it's the actual deal. 

Below, shop nine of our favourite Steve Madden shoes that space on sale at Nordstrom Rack. And also hurry — due to the fact that if they're smart, passionate shoppers favor yourself are sure come snag these coveted layouts quickly.



Buy It! Steve Madden Basille Lace-Up platform Boot, $64.97–$69.97 (orig. $99.95);




Buy It! Steve Madden Feleti Faux fur Lined animal leather Loafer Mule, $59.97 (orig.$89.95);

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The shoe Brand Bachelor country Can"t avoid Wearing Is approximately 60% turn off at Nordstrom Rack for 2 days Only