The goth children behind the institution are jerks. Yet I want to be friends with everybody! and also besides, they have actually pretty okay taste in music. Once I shot to talk to them, they blow me off because I "look prefer a conformist" and also mention an old dude by the U-Stor-It who sells "clothes choose theirs".

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I discovered the Hobo merchant in question, and also was able to buy one Emo Haircut, Eyeliner, Du-Rag (which doesn"t seem very goth, to it is in honest) and also some gloves native him, yet even as soon as wearing every one of those items, the goths won"t offer me the moment of day. What gives?

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The hobo seller will not sell you the goth garments just yet, the comes later along the key quest, top top the second day ~ the notice of the the brand-new Taco Bell at the south Park mall, Cartman will tell you the the elves stole the rod in the middle of the night, and that the people will need reinforcements native the goth kids.

Deliver Cartman"s post to them, and also they speak they"ll only help you if you look and also act prefer them;

To look choose them, you"ll require the goth equipment from the hobo seller by the U-Stor-It, i beg your pardon he have to now sell. (Allegedly, you only require the Goth Cap, Goth Clothes, and Goth Gloves equipment. Any kind of goth hairstyles, glasses and also makeup are supposedly optional. But, friend might also go because that the complete look.)Coffee - Head to the Tweek Bros. Coffee Shop and buy part Tweek Bros. Dark Roast. The is the just coffee dark enough to be taken into consideration goth. As a bonus, this will also make girlfriend friends through Tweek"s parents.Cigarettes - There"ll be some challenging looking kids in the alley beteewn Jimbo"s Guns and also the bar. To win "em up and take their smokes.

At some allude during this process, the elves will certainly kidnap you and also take friend to their hideout, behind Kyle"s House. They"ll shot to convince you to sign up with with them, not Cartman, and also recruit the goth children for the elves. They"ll let you go, you can decide that to ally with later (And there"s a couple of friendship avenues here).

Return come the goth youngsters wearing your new goth equipment, and also they"ll send girlfriend on another quest - to gain a photograph of yourself with an anti-conformity authorize in former of the PTA. Various bits that story occur, and also Randy will teach you a brand-new spell, and also sends friend to inspection the Taco Bell before he"ll let girlfriend take your picture. This foot of the search will need some combat, for this reason switch the end of her goth gear. As soon as you return through evidence versus the Taco Bell, Randy will certainly take your picture and send it to you (Talk with the PTA milling about after for one more 5 friends).

Re-equip the goth gear and also show the goth youngsters the evidence of you conforming to their non-conformity (If they save telling girlfriend to acquire that snapshot at this point, you carry out not have actually your goth disguise fully equipped, I gained stuck for a when here because I had some various other black glove equipped). This isn"t quite sufficient to guide them however, you have to now present them you can dance favor a goth. You have to satisfactorily complete a short DDR sequence - NOTE: Myself and also a number of other pc players gained a small stuck here, the DDR sequence is not regulated with WASD, yet with the arrow keys. No lot of make the efforts to usage WASD or trying to out-think the game by not conforming (not pushing any type of buttons) will obtain you previous this.

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Now sufficiently encouraged of your non-conformist ways, all 4 goth kids will friend you. Now you must decide who will you report your allegiance to.