Tom Hanks networks the frustrations of a game show host. In 2013, the actor hilariously impersonated “Wheel of Fortune” hold Pat Sajak in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch.

Over his several years on the air, Sajak has dealt with some no-brainers and epic stops working on “Wheel of Fortune.”

But this “Saturday Night Live” sketch contestants were made native a different cloth. Played by Amy Poehler, Fred Armisen, and Kristin Wiig, castle struggled to answer a puzzle that needed only one letter to solve. The exactly answer ~ above the board was “By the Skin of my Teeth.”

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But their answers included everything native “By the Chin of my Teeth” come “By the Skin of my Feet” come awkwardly passing. can’t be loaded due to the fact that JavaScript is disabled: Wheel of happiness – SNL (

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Hanks to be on form as an increasingly frustrated pat Sajak. He cycled with the 5 stages that grief till finally arriving on acceptance. Hanks realized the his contestants simply weren’t that bright. Maybe, it is a present the real Pat Sajak has had before. Meanwhile, Tina Fey showed up as Vanna White, here for she looks than her capacity to speak in the sketch.

The map out leads to Hank as Sajak blow up at the end. He retirement from “Wheel of Fortune” by proclaiming his love for Fey’s White and storming the end of the structure in disgust. The i can not qualify of the three contestants to solve such a an easy puzzle make Hanks’ Sajak reassess his career choices. In real life, Sajak no have any plans to retire native “Wheel the Fortune” soon.

Tom Hanks comments on ‘Jeopardy!’ Snub

Perhaps, Tom Hanks have to stay far away from game shows. When he play a distressed play Sajak on “Saturday Night Live,” he had actually some real outrage about a “Jeopardy!” diss. Ago in 2019, 3 contestants fail to acknowledge a clip the Hanks while completing on the show.

While showing up on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel confirmed Hanks a clip from a current episode of “Jeopardy!.”

During the clip, one contestant made decision the Biopics category for $200. The clue for the classification was: “In ‘A Beautiful work in the Neighborhood,’ beloved children TV display host mr Rogers is play by this lover actor.”

But nobody guessed Tom Hanks. In fact, none of the contestants guessed anyone in ~ all.

In response, the so late Alex Trebek answered, “Film opens Friday, it is Tom Hanks.”

The clip frustrated Hanks, who ranted that the contestants no even try to answer the question.

“You room kidding me!” Hanks exclaimed. “You are kidding me! they didn’t even have any kind of wrong . Friend know? Bing! ‘Woody Harrelson?’ ‘No.’”