Yes, we’re reviewing yet another cordless impact wrench. If I like to “mix it up” in regards to tool species, there has actually been a notable increase in cordless tool offerings, so when something new pops up, we want to make our reader aware.

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In this review, us take a look in ~ Snap-on’s brand-new 18-volt CT8810A. This newly presented cordless impact gun attributes a 3/8-inch drive, through a report tightening torque of 230 ft.-lbs. And also an exceptional bolt-breaking talk of 325 ft.-lbs. The torque offerings that today’s cordless wrenches just keeps increasing, make them an ext attractive, especially for loosening undercar and underhood fasteners once you prefer not to traction an air hose around.

According to the spec sheet, this model functions a cost-free speed of 2,400 rpm in ~ a rate of 3,480 impacts per minute. The noise level is rated at 97.3 come 108.9 decibels.

The kit contains the 3/8-inch drive wrench, 2 lithium ion rechargeable batteries, an smart battery charger and a nifty red and also black zippered storage bag.

As shortly as I started working with the CT8810A, the very first feature to grab my fist is the ultra-comfy fixed that features a non-slip surface. It drops into your hand like an old friend with a certain handshake. As quickly as ns squeezed the trigger, this small torque monster clocked mine wrist together if come tell me that it was ready and also eager to acquire to work. At the very same moment, a surprisingly an effective work irradiate illuminated front (the light immediately turns on whenever you pull the trigger). NOTE: even when no triggering torque action, a slim squeeze of the cause turns ~ above the light, i m sorry is yes, really handy for enhancing visibility in ~ the work space even before loosening or tightening.

NOTE: While we toyed v the 3/8-inch-drive model, be aware that this heat of cordless wrenches is also available in 1/4-inch-drive (model CT8810AQC) and 1/2-inch-drive (model CT8815A).

All fee up

Standard battery charge time is rated in ~ 25 minutes. Batteries are rated v a 1,000-cycle period per battery charge.

The wrench is designed with an automatically shut-off safety function if the battery or move becomes overheated, which stays clear of tool damage.

The intelligent charger is simple to monitor. As soon as a battery is set up onto the charger, a environment-friendly LED irradiate will begin flashing, indicating the the battery is gift charged. The fuel gauge ~ above the battery will display screen the charge percentage status. When the battery get 25% of complete charge, the eco-friendly light will glow steady. As soon as charging is complete, all four lights top top the battery pack will revolve solid green. If the LED top top the appropriate side of the battery flashes yellow, this indicates that the battery is one of two people too warm or as well cold. If the red LED irradiate flashes, this indicates that the battery pack is faulty, and also the charger will not effort to charge the battery.

NOTE: The charger likewise features a USB harbor (current output of 0.5A and output voltage the 5 VDC), handy because that charging items such as cell phones, etc.

A distinct battery feature is a fee cycle counter. Through pressing and also holding the switch on the battery for 10 seconds, it’ll tell friend how many times that specific battery has been charged. The town hall the four LED lights on the battery (lights L1, L2, L3 and L4), the lights will indicate up come a four-digit code. Because that example, if LT1 flicker one time, and LT2 flashes three times, and also LT 3 flashes four times, and also LT4 flashes 5 times, this means that this battery has actually been charged 1,345 times. That’s nice cool, offering an idea of the battery history, because you don’t must guess at how countless times a battery has been charged.

The “fuel gauge” on the battery chin proves useful, through LED lamp indicating state of charge while the battery is in use. Four lights indicates, in order, 100% charge, 75% charge, 50% charge and 25% charge, so you don’t need to guess once the gun will die. Once she access time 25%, and also you should keep working, you’ll have a clean indication that it’s a great time to slap top top a new battery.

Shop tryout

OK, enough about the features. It’s time to placed this small guy come the test. When I an initial opened the box, i hit the trigger and also found that the battery had a charge, however when ns tried to loosen a series of engine key cap bolts (that were previously torqued to 70 ft.-lbs.), the bolt’s wouldn’t budge. Then i noticed that the fuel gauge top top the battery was mirroring well under 25%. After charging the battery (which took around 20 minutes), this puppy whipped turn off those main cap bolts in a heartbeat, there is no nary a whimper. I ongoing to play through the gun, walking roughly my shop loosening a range of chassis bolts native 8 mm and also 5/16-inch all the way up to 1/2-inch rusty, nasty bolts. The gun hammered far through about 40 bolts in all, and never showed any kind of sign of wimping out. By the way, I’m introduce to bolt shank diameter, not the size of the bolt heads. In all, i toyed through the total for about an hour, and battery power never fell listed below 50%.

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Wrench balance was excellent. Even once mine hands came to be a little greasy and also slimy, grip to be secure. One aspect that ns really appreciated was the totally shrouded cause design, through no openings at the basic of the create to become contaminated through debris. Over there is one increasing variety of cordless firearms on today’s market, and this one is a definite height choice. By the way, the gave storage bag is healthy sufficient in size to handle the gun, battery charger and also spare battery, with enough room left end to keep a king-size lunch.