The Sims 4 update, exit on Dec. 2, consists of game fixes and also a few items to celebrate the holidays. Right here what"s inside. 

Opening the vacation Cracker will provide sweets to her Sims. They cause Sims to have actually happy, energized or happy moodlets. However, if your sim gets a piece of scrap, they’ll gain a sad moodlet. Luckier Sims will acquire a collectible plushie upon opening the Cracker. The plushies represent different holidays, such together Thanksgiving, Valentine"s Day, St. Patrick"s Day and also Halloween. There room eight plushies come collect.

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Another items is a festively decorated fireplace. It comes in a blue, green and red colorway. There’s additionally a centerpiece, which features four candles sit on top of leaves and acorns. A brand-new 10-seater dining room table through a plaid red tablecloth will certainly be perfect to host a vacation dinner party. The new table additionally comes in blue, red and green colorways. Over there are also three new nutcrackers to ar on top of the fireplace.

Holiday pack 2016 Photo: EA
Holiday pack 2016 Photo: EA
Holiday load 2016 Photo: EA
Plushies in the 2016 vacation pack. Photo: EA
Remember to pair these new objects through items from critical year’s vacation update, which contained the external light increase tree and also snowflake decals, heaps of presents, a christmas tree, a Menorah, Kinara, a Snowman lawn decoration, Kwanza painting, wreaths, ugly sweaters and also holiday hats.

Don"t forget to use the objects from critical year. Photo: EA
Time to an outbreak the ugly sweaters. Photo: EA
include a wreath and a Christmas tree to your apartment. Photo: EA
In addition to these new holiday objects, The Sims team has actually fixed a most issues. One of the bigger patches relates come City Living. because the development pack’s release, ivorycrimestory.coms have actually been seeing Sims come house from work at an early stage for no obvious reason. Reportedly this happened when football entered construct mode on an apartment lot. Watch the complete patch note below:

Ho, ho, ho Simmers!

Woah! Wait, the December?!

I haven’t also worked on my perform yet. Execute you think Santa has actually a good stock the VR? Also, i have been thinking of something vintage… possibly a butler. Do you think Santa can obtain a butler down the chimney?

Oh, um… anyway.

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We have actually updated the vacation Celebration pack with some new objects (a holiday table, fireplace, nutcracker, and centerpiece). And a fun small object called the vacation plum. Those inside? A poorly composed joke, a small holiday sweet, or a teeny Meduso that your an extremely own.

Also… if you didn’t know exactly how to discover your holiday Celebration load items, us have included a Holiday fill Filter for that really purpose. Open up up the filters list in construct Mode, role to Packs, and also select vacation (at the bottom).

But that’s no all. No mine friends, no holiday can be claimed complete there is no issues!

General Issues

We solved an worry that could result in a center placing their supplied dishes down outside of the borders of a lot, leading to the dishes coming to be stuck off lot. Dishes will certainly now simply disappear.

Where execute they go? we imagine it to be comparable to the dimension of ‘The other Sock.’

Dirty coffee equipments will now be cleaned by the maid, quite than disposed of.

Though have actually you see the stains coffee makes?

I think the maids to be doing girlfriend a service, however hey, if you want to save drinking it, don’t ask me come look at your stomach lining when you’re dead.

…because you know, it’s most likely pretty gross. I mean an ext so 보다 it usually is, it’s most likely like extra coffee stain gross.

Sims have to now choose to sit throughout the marriage ceremony.

Except for the married couple, who most likely would simply prefer you send a gift.

We solved an worry that could cause a residential many to move to a generic lot type after being put from The Gallery.

When directed to, Sims have to now clean up every the key on fifty percent walls.

Family oriented Sims need to no longer acquire the lacking Family buff if lock have connected with a baby in the family.

Babies are family members too.

Even if they execute smell funny.

Large and little Crystals will certainly no longer educate you differently around their Energized Décor moodlet strengths depending upon where you review the tooltip.

High quality harvestables will certainly no longer boost in value after every lot load.

I’m sorry, you will do it just have to earn your Simoleons the old fashioned way.

…with a tiny rosebud.

Sims must switch seats much less when there room other nearby seats available.

Goldilocks vs. The Sims, track in Wednesday because that the latest intense chair choosing match!

We fixed an concern that was bring about Sims to stand up and then sit under in bespeak to turn on the television.

Ordering drinks for the group from a bartender will now order drink for the group.

…rather 보다 just providing you one drink that costs a team rate.

Essence milked from Cowplants will now display screen the surname of the sim whose significance it is.

…because it’s necessary to know.

“Was that Bob you just drank? due to the fact that you understand I was saving Bob. And now, Bob is gone… did girlfriend really require Bob? I mean Susan and George are still in the fridge, they’re appropriate there alongside the lasagna. Yet no, you had to take Bob!”

“I’m just not certain this is working out for me. Ns leaving you, and I’m acquisition the Cowplant.”

Chairs can now correctly be slotted to the middle positions the 1×2 and 1×3 tables once dragging the table come the chair.

Yes, over there is a middle position on the 1×2, just accept it.

Maids will certainly no longer throw far freshly cooked meals during their shift. They may put them far in the fridge. Yet they most certainly will not placed them in the trash.

They will certainly not put them in the drain. No in the dark. Not near a tree. Not in a can. They’ll let them be.

They do not choose them on a lot. Once they’re no as hot. They execute not prefer them in the house. Once nibbled by a mouse. They carry out like them right here or there, however they will not trash lock anywhere.

Male Sims through feminine frames have to see less distortion in your bottom assets.

Gallery items that were uploaded in Norwegian without a description will no longer be non-deletable native The Gallery.

Woohoo or Mess around with a non-household sim on a non-household many will now properly shoo various other Sims indigenous the room during said action.

Lighting choice is tho choice.

Typing a number into the market multiple window from the Sims inventory will now permit you to type the number, fairly than simply typing a 1.

Also 3 is a magic number, the figure 8 would be great, and also 0 saved us from our fingers and toes.

We addressed an issue that was causing memory intake to rise as songs were being previewed in the choices panel.

Gym Rat trait currently properly prevents hygiene loss during yoga.

Playing a violin native the Sims list will currently properly finish the pat Violin whim.

The developers have actually informed me that all violins are created equal, and also that they are endowed by your engineer with particular unalienable code, that amongst their functions are the capability to play, write, and also pursue a whims completion.

Which I expect if they were truly unalienable would nullify this issue.

Sims must now favor to usage the closer of sinks, as soon as washing dishes.

The closer sink will differ upon center position. What to be closer now, might not be closer later.

Child Sims who period up will certainly no much longer need come reload your lot to check out the ability panel update v their adult skills.

Get to Work

Changing the default shade of the Grimy time Crime Map will no longer reason the police station computer systems to lose the ability to command police work.

I knew it… as soon as the computers start to revolt based upon her interior architecture choices, the atom codes space not far behind.

Children will no longer warp as soon as attempting come restock mannequins.

Also, as result of child labor laws, youngsters will no longer be able to restock mannequins.

Baking skill publications will no longer be therefore expensive.

…there to be a bad zero. Poor zero! It has actually been removed, reprimanded, and placed ~ above the various other side the the decimal point, on a timeout.

The jail Yard Gate deserve to now be placed on any sized fence. Not simply the small fences.

…that no make sense anyway. Because the door was a high gate… so, also in the wrongness, it to be extra wrong.

Get Together

Using the closet to change the outfit that a non-household Sim have to no longer switch the energetic manage to various other Sims in your household. This was an especially a problem if the various other Sim that was given manage was top top a different lot, leading to you loading a new lot upon return from create a Sim.

City Living

Entering construct Mode on one apartment lot if your center is at job-related or school, will no longer force your Sim house early.

Outdoor Retreat

Taking non-household members on holidays will currently take non-household members top top vacation, quite than forcing those non-household members to linger about your vacation till their requirements fail.

Sitting in ~ the Happy Camper Picnic Table will certainly no longer offer a Comfy moodlet v the reason being “From high value Furniture.”

Don’t obtain me wrong, the craftsmanship is superb. Yet it’s still just a wood bench.

You know, perhaps semi-comfy, or comfy-ish… however Comfy? ns think it is going a little bit too far.

Dine Out

We handle an issue that would prevent business owners from gaining entry to your lots, if the doors had been Locked for Everyone however Employees.

Owners are employees. Fish are friends no food. And use the preeminence of three once writing.

Adults will now drink water or sparkling water if the is the only drink ~ above the menu.

They won’t be happy around it… but they’ll drink it.

The blue flames ~ above the i Dream that Sous chef station shall no longer, from this particular day forward, henceforth and back, to and fro, remain lit after closing. So sayeth friend one, for this reason sayeth friend all?

The Mythic Patio Warming Lamp can now be instant upgraded with the comfortable reward trait.

Please note: The handy reward trait provides no benefit to Kleptomaniacs or Romantics.

Sims will no longer be able to scavenge for spare parts in to reduce food.

A strictly Prep n’ Serve testimonial system has actually been put in ar prior come food service, preventing any kind of unwanted washers, o-rings, or round bearings from finding their method into your Shrimp Louie.

Choosing the choice to Disallow brand-new Customers will currently disallow new customers from showing up to her restaurant.

Claimed tables are now properly clearing their claimed state when a restaurant is opened up for business.

Mine, mine, mine.

Ordering Lemonade, ice Tea, or Citrus Swig at a restaurant will currently serve friend Lemonade, ice cream Tea, or Citrus Swig and also not just an north glass.

We handle an worry that can cause build Mode to fail to function after uploading one incomplete restaurant come The Gallery, and then downloading and install it to your residence lot.

Backyard Stuff

Children will certainly now obtain motor skill after each trick on slide they perform, and not simply the very first one.

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After all, tricks room for kids.

And ~ above that horrible pun, ns bid girlfriend a fond farewell, a happy vacation season, and the warmest that wishes,