Layering our button Down shirt Under a Dress

This quote seemed an extremely apropos because layering my switch down shirt under a dress would have actually never been on mine radar prior to blogging. But, that seems prefer the perfect marital relationship to pull the end those sleeveless dresses, and not have to cover castle up with a cardigan or jacket.

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Quote the the day: “What’s the civilization for if girlfriend can’t make it increase the means you desire it?” Toni Morrison

These specific same shirts were put to the test together jackets previously. Because as lot as ns LOVE trying new trends and also styles, I additionally yearn to make what I currently have occupational in numerous different ways.


The funny thing, is ns didn’t tell mine moms they must wear the button down shirt under a “sleeveless” dress. I just told them a dress, however that’s what us all chose. Ns guess it helps the the weather is gaining warmer. However, this shirt would certainly be good under a lengthy sleeved dress or even a short sleeve dress.

We did administer some range though because I made decision a solid fancy dress, and also both mom and also Nancy picked publish dresses. It’s additionally nice that my mom wore a longer dress because that something different. We’re also wearing dresses with various necklines. Even though no one of our dresses are v-neck, ns think the would also work perfectly specifically if the “v” to be a little too short for comfort by itself.



I’d likewise like to present Ronnie from Ronnie Rambles On. She simply commented on our white blouse together a jacket short article that she to be on the same wave length around working ~ above a post about this theme. So i told she to join us for this post!! i’ve talked to Ronnie in the past around blogging, and she’s been such a an excellent supporter of my blog. She always part of ours #thriftedchicstylechallenge on Instagram, and also in fact, she simply thrifted this Kate Spade dress in the photo.

Ronnie defines herself together a 51 yr. Old wife, mother of 5, and grandmother the 5. She to write a fashion/lifestyle blog, Ronnie Rambles On, and also recently started a 2nd blog just for her an imaginative writing, tho She Rambles. Just freshly she got her certification as a personal Stylist and looks front to seeing what the future holds.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: I thought the white shirt can work under my “new to me” dress from thredUp. 

I dropped in love as soon as I saw the shade of this dress on your site, and also I to be ecstatic as soon as it finished up installation so well. Because it’s a knit material, I plan to take it to the blogging conference we room going to next month (Everything Food Conference) because it won’t obtain wrinkled in the suitcase or sitting every day. Of course I find that conferences become on the cold side, so I’ll require either a shirt under that or end it (or both).

I even uncovered the same dress on 2 web page on Poshmark, if you interested. The links are listed below my critical individual photos.


One the the points I’ve been trying to do more often is incorporate a third color into the mix. I have plenty the blue shoes and accessories, yet I believed it’d be more fun to put some yellow with the blue and also white.

These sunglasses have absolutely been a favorite of mine because I impulsively bought them during one the LOFT’s famous 70% turn off sales last year. I will certainly say that fun sunglasses have the right to make any kind of outfit jazzier. Heck, because that under $25, girlfriend too can look with colored lenses, hearts or flowers.

It’s no secret that I have actually a shoe addiction.

I finished up purchasing these yellow publish heels as soon as I was writing a write-up last year. In my defense, the pair I had actually been wearing to be a tad too high come walk roughly in comfortably.

Yet I will tell you the yellow shoes are a must have particularly for the spring and also summer. We’ve tried to prove that a couple of time on the blog. Allow me show you some good examples under $75. If friend still favor a chunky heel, there’s a loafer, a level sandal, and also a fun wedge that would all work-related for so many outfits.


One that the tricks i’ve learned while analysis blogs is exactly how to camouflage the buttons or details that a shirt under a knit. I talked around it critical year, and also I even showed exactly how I did it. And I did the same trick here since the dress isn’t real hefty material. I really prefer this idea since it practically acts together spanx yet isn’t together restricting.

The various other thing I wanted to to speak is friend won’t watch me moaning around my white legs or lack of sunless demorphs products. The taken me 50 years, yet I’m embracing mine skin shade as the is. I’m sure the sunless varieties are relatively safe, however it’s much more work and money that I’m not all set to use right now. To trust me, this has been a struggle my entire life. I grew up in the tanning eras and have make the efforts everything. I number the best part about life, is we all have a choice. Mine legs may be pale, however they are solid and functional! Yay for that!


Dress: Kristin Davis bought with thredUp (similar right here & the precise same one ~ above Poshmark & here )~~Top: Brooks Brothers provided to me by a friend (similar here)~~Shoes: marks & Spencer (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Purse: thrifted (similar here)~~Sunglasses: LOFT (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: Nancy made decision her black color & white print dress come pair with the white button down shirt.

I think this is a perfect selection for this trick due to the fact that there’s white in the dress. Ns bet plenty of of you would feel more comfortable if there is the color of her shirt in the dress.

This could be a great trick if girlfriend love a dress however it’s among those that your bra straps would display otherwise. An additional consideration is if you just don’t love the idea of having actually your eight exposed.


I love that Nancy incorporated an additional color into her outfit too. Actually 2 colors if you desire to get certain because her necklace & earrings room red. Yet her purse and also shoes are more burgundy.

This necklace is in reality reversible. It’s black color & white top top the other side. Don’t you think it is the smartest information for necklaces? i even uncovered a couple if you wanted the very same kind of thing. This one or this one are various colors on every side.

The other piece de resistance has acquired to it is in the flower pin that Nancy included to the bottom section of her dress.

My mommy made this flower pen for Nancy years ago. It’s make so there is a clip on it in addition to a pin. This allows Nancy come clip it come items also, and also even in her hair as she’s also worn the in on her head before.

And allow me give another shout the end to the fishing eye straps top top shoes. This pair that Nancy’s shoes are rather old, yet they are so perfect for numerous outfits both summer and also winter. The fish eye straps keeps your foot more secure for this reason it doesn’t slide roughly when you’re walking. If she concerned around the strap cutting turn off the foot line, then a naked pair would certainly counteract that. Yet this floral pair would make together a statement the you wouldn’t care about the leg line.


A small detail around this dress. Once I was very first helping Nancy with her closet over 3 year ago, she no sure about this dress. Part of the concern was the was too long. There was actually one more ruffle in ~ the bottom, which i removed. Ns think that basic alteration has made such a distinction in the fit and also feel of this dress. And the evidence is that she’s worn the at least 4 time on the blog, here, here, here, and also here.


Dress: (similar here)~~Top: Chicos (similar here)~~Shoes: (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Brooch: (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (80+) Outfit: mine mom made decision her maxi dress through her switch down shirt that she wore for the blog 3 year ago.

This dress came through a matching short sleeve sweater to wear over it originally. That course, i’ve twisted mine mom’s arm to wear it other ways, and also I think this is a wonderful choice for this theme.

And due to the fact that maxis room synonymous through the warmer weather, why not start wearing them also when it’s chillier? The other means we tried to keep warm with spring items is through our denim jackets over them recently.


My mommy took this opportunity to wear she garnet jewelry. Since the dress has shades of rust and burgundy in it, the garnet pieces complement it nicely.

The reason my mom loves garnets so lot is due to the fact that it’s she birthstone. Anyone else have that kind of addiction?

My mother wore she beige fish eye boots with the outfit.

I think this functions nicely come lighten increase the dress and go v the white shirt. Of course you wouldn’t have to wear ankle boots. You can also shot some white pair of shoes which are very much top top trend appropriate now. There space the ever standard loafers, the wedge sandal, a slide sandal, or you can even wear sneakers.

She go opt for a purse the matches the dress. This is a an excellent way to keep the emphasis on the dress instead of creating a diversion with your bag.


This dress has one the those belts the is attached and also made that the same material. It’s a good way to offer the dress a small shape, yet it have the right to sometimes disrupt the vertical heat of the dress. For this reason my mother tied the in the back.


Dress: (similar here)~~Top: thrifted (similar here)~~Boots: Hillard & Hanson (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)


So whereby did us go on this little excursion? This structure behind us is the historic Elitch’s carousel dome constructed in 1890. Of course after this, we had actually to reap a wonderful enjoy the meal at the restaurant, BraZen the you have the right to see glimpses the in few of these photos!


Thanks to one and every one of you for her support. It method more 보다 you know!

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