She - for males who desire to understand women, and also for women, to far better understand themselvesIn Jungian terms, the Grecian myth of Psyche and also Eros serves as a an effective illumination of the feminine personality. This timeless story of love, loss, loneliness and also ultimate triumph is a revealing allegory of every woman"s striving toward individuation -- to end up being the whole and complete person she was intended come be. Knowledge Psyche"s story can bring deep insights into every woman"s struggle to address various elements of her feminity and successfully relate come the men in she life. The myth likewise helps to define the obstacles a mrs may have in reconciling she femininity through her animus -- the unsconscious masculine next of her personality -- and the problems a man may have in comes to terms v his anima, the within feminine facet of his psyche. Newly updated and also revised, She has a special arrival by the author, and is narrated by renowned actress Marsha Mason and by Ralph Blum, bestselling writer of The publication of Runes.

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About the Author

Robert A. Johnson is a detailed lecturer and Jungian analyst in private exercise in san Diego, California. That is the writer of "He: knowledge Masculine Psychology; We: expertise the Psychology the Romantic Love; inner Work: Using desires and active Imagination for personal Growth" and "Ecstasy: understanding the Psychology that Joy." He has actually studied at the C.G. Jung academy in Zurich, Switzerland and at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India.Ralph Blum has actually narrated a organize of titles because that Macmillan Audio, consisting of "Hero with a thousands Faces," "He," "She," "Zen Practice," and "The Book." In relenten Ralph"s analysis of "Zen in the art of Archery," likewise published by Macmillan Audio, "AudioFile" newspaper declared, "Selecting reader Ralph Blum to be a great way come resurrect the concepts in this rich and also satisfying book. His academic tone inspires respect and makes the ideas even an ext intriguing." Marsha Mason is a respected supporting and occasional top Hollywood actress. She has been nominated for 4 Academy Awards in she career and also is likewise a veteran phase actress. She ended up being a semi-regular ~ above the famous NBC sitcom "Frasier," playing the love interest of Kelsey Grammar"s father, man Mahoney.

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Most recently, she appeared in "Army Wives," "Lipstick Jungle," and also "The Middle." Marsha has actually read several audiobooks consisting of Sinclair Lewis"s "Babbitt," Anton Chekhov"s "The Cherry Orchard," and Robert A. Johnson"s "She."
Product Details ISBN: 9781559270335 Abridged: correct Publisher: Macmillan Audio Publication Date: December 1st, 1989 categories connected Editions (all)