Dream the end Loud is Selena Gomez’s apparel line for anyone who wants to express your personality with an excellent fashion and love to Dream Loud. The arsenal is complete of fun and juicy colors, cute floral prints, comfortable and trendy clothes from green materials.

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DOL was Selena’s first ever clothing line and also her first try in ~ the fashion industry. In respectable of 2010 “Dream the end Loud” was officially released only at Kmart. Selena have actually been updating her line every season, making Dream the end Loud turning from clothes mostly for youth right into clothes more for glamorous customers, through every brand-new line she released. And finally, DOL winter 2014 collection became a wrap because that the brand.

Line functions girly sunlight dresses, cute mini skirts, lovely short shorts, swimwear, footwear, tops, jackets, scarves, hats, sunglasses, jewel & countless more… DOL expresses Selena’s an individual style & what she likes to wear.



Selena is young and totally brand-new in fashion business, once she started producing Dream the end Loud she was just 17 years old girl, so she worked together with two competent designers. Tony Melillo – an extremely talented designer, previous of Generra designer and owner of an individual clothing brand and also Sandra Campos – garments expert who has actually spent about two decades in the business and also worked at brands such together Nautica and Polo Ralph Lauren. They helped Gomez to create the ideas and also solve part tasks.

“With my line, ns really desire to give the customer alternatives on just how they can put their own looks together” – Selena

“She has such a great sense of what she likes and also what she no like,” stated Melillo, “It to be surprising together I’ve never operated with someone so young, and never really expected her come be that smart. She has a desire to it is in involved, and also nothing is sent out there without her approval. That nice to see her have this actual interest.”Selena tells: “Growing up in Texas, i was sort of close-minded and also kind of a tomboy, however as i’ve traveled, I uncovered such a love of clothes, the really constantly been a dream that mine to have actually a line.” She defines her clothing and style as pretty, feminine, and also bohemian and likewise she states that the motivation for making her clothing collection was she fans.Dream the end Loud made by, Melillo and also Campos teamed through Adjmi Apparel Group.



Selena’s daily style is fresh, young and simple. She loves come wear scarves and rock short shorts with pretty tank tops, Selena loves come wear cute girly dresses with cowgirl boots.

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“From teenage sweetheart through a an excellent style, Selena turned into a fashion symbol on and off the red carpet.” – Popsugar Fashion

Selena loves fashion and she’s no afraid to mix clothes, Sel can easily rock this Texan beauty look because that the performance and also then undertake this blue romantic princess dress for the night the end or fully steal the spotlight through coming complete glam & shiny because that the red carpet of an additional awards show. Selena is completely not afraid to move her favourite boots or sneakers to exceptionally high heels.

Growing up together with Selena, the clothing line “Dream the end Loud by Selena Gomez” have been getting an ext mature & stylish v every new collection year by year. Being simply seventeen years old, Selena rolled out her first collection in 2010, which was totally in a teenish format with a many bright prints, fun tags together as: “I Love DOL” or “Team 92” and also careless apparel. The complying with collections in 2011 & 2012 to be kinda repeating her first ever release without significant style upgrade. But in 2013 Selena’s new “Dream the end Loud” style lastly grew up, Selena presented much less colorful garments with more glam and a predisposition in a romantic & feminine style… After turning 21, in 2014 Selena showed us new sexy next of she “Dream the end Loud through Selena Gomez” apparel line. Because that spring/summer 2014 commercial photoshoot, Selena shows up wearing at sight cute and also at the exact same time sexy denim short shorts through adorable tiny crop tops & t-shirt (contains brand’s logo) and also oh sure, she included her favourite cowgirl boots to finish her breathtaking look!