Something--something--is coming the end of the UFO in ~ Loot Lake. Some various other stuff is tied to occur too, but we"ll at the very least start v that. That"s the template of the Season 8, week 10 loading screen, which shows our intrepid heroes, or at the very least some intrepid heroes, peering into the mysterious website that we"ve uncovered at the bottom that the lake. They seem to it is in wondering simply what"s going to occur down there, come which i say: sign up with the club. But, as usual, there"s a an enig banner in the loading display screen for those that treatment to look, therefore let"s view what"s under there.

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In the past couple of weeks, the loading display hasn"t consisted of the location itself so much as a clue, yet we go back to something a little more traditional v this week. You have the right to actually check out the banner chin in the loading screen, despite it"s rather obscured. Let"s take a closer look:

That"s where the banner have to be when the obstacles are completed: on peak of a semi truck close to the destruction site. There are two down there, despite neither is arranged rather in the method that the one in the loading screen appears to be. In situation you forgot whereby Loot Lake is, here"s whereby you"re going:

Update:The surprise banner is not fairly on top of a truck, prefer it appears in the image. Instead, it"s in that approximate spot, where there isn"t actually a semi in-game. You"ll should do a small building to get there, but it"s along the rock wall near the intake truck, no the semi-truck: you must be just listed below the white research building. Here"s a handy video clip that mirrors you where to look:

That"s it for the Season 10 loading screens, however there"s clearly more come happen. The volcano is going to erupt, Tilted towers is likely going to it is in destroyed, and something else is going to happen: ifFortnite history serves, it could be precise anything. It will certainly all likely go down this Sunday. Continue to be tuned for the culmination the Season 8. My only hope is that something happens v those dragon eggs, because man to be I all set to check out what wake up there.


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