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The guideline of Samsung Galaxy stylus pen Pen simulates the finger touch, i m sorry is sensitive to the screen

Used to replace your broken, damaged or non-working stylus pen pen

Each item has actually been checked and also in great condition prior to shipping

Compatible with:

Samsung Galaxy note 4 SM-N910

Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 4 SM-N910F for Europe

Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 4 SM-N910K/SM-N910L/SM-N910S because that Korea

Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 4 SM-N910C - Asia, Europe, south America

Samsung Galaxy note 4 SM-N910FD - united Arab Emirates

Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 4 SM-N910FQ - Turkey

Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 4 SM-N910H - Asia-Pacific

Samsung Galaxy note 4 SM-N910G - Singapore, India, Australia

Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 4 SM-N910U - Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, new Zealand, Chile

Samsung Galaxy note 4 SM-N910W8 - phibìc America

Package included:

1 x OEM stylus Pen because that Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 4 - black


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